Atlanta 2008 Update #1

Okay, so it’s Friday morning and lots of us DC folks here already: Michael B, Lara Deni and Keith Stremmel to do Classic routine (Keith’s first out-of-town comp is here, Atlanta! Little sister of the USOpen!), Greg and Hannah, James, Melissa G, Kevin and Tammy, Marcus and Deonna, Whitney And Her Two Husbands, Ed Francell, more arriving today.

Tonite Showcase, tomorrow JJ’s during the day, Classic all night.

People are friendly down here. Loud, toothy, in-your-face friendly.

“How y’all DOIN today!”

Holy moses! Jeez you scared the living crap out of me.  Fine.  I’m doing fine. Now that I’ve recovered after getting the holy bejeezus scared out of me when you yelled that.


It’s raining.


No. This is the elevator. I haven’t had my coffee yet. We’re from DC we don’t talk to strangers.

No, just joking.  They are friendly here.  REALLY friendly.  Infomercial friendly.

The ballroom looked strangely small last nite.  Small floor, sparse tables, lots of space between, no risers. Might mean attendance is down this year? Gas prices? Sure do hope they’re not taking a hit on this.  Maybe they couldn’t afford to give us chairs and plan to seat us directly on the carpet? We don’t have a DC table so maybe we’ll have us a DC rug area.

Joking joking just joking again. I’m sure they can afford chairs.

Okay I’m not sure.


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