Atlanta 2008 Update #2

More DC folks arriving: Gina Pennington, Paul W, Efraim, Lorraine Rohlik. Lots more on their way!

Tonite was Showcase – Robert and Nicola have a routine we haven’t seen before, might be brand new? – slow, oozy romantic.

Parker and Jess same amazing routine as at the Open but by now WAY ratcheted up several giant notches — nowhere else to go now, couldn’t possibly get better than it is.  Her costume!  Her top is the cups of a bra only. No straps. No nothing holding it on. Nothing you can see at least – the back and shoulder straps are there, but invisible. Man oh man, crazy sexy. I’m surprised that when Jessica walked out on the floor every man in the ballroom didn’t say “That’s it for me! See ya!”  — and keel over passed out on the rug. Jessica Cox is ridiculous gorgeous.

Benji and Kellese did Showcase! AUGHGHGH!!  Astonishing! It happened so fast you wanted to yell Wait! Wait! I wasn’t ready! Replay! AMAZING routine. Not a lot of tricks – maybe no tricks? No lifts that I can remember! On the other hand there is not much I actually *can* remember it happened so suddenly. What I do remember: wild mambo\cha\samba tropical folk-classical instrumental which started like a bat out of hell and never let up, so many rhythm syncopations, tempo changes, movements and shapes up down sideways backwards inside out upside down – you sat dumbfounded, jaw hanging, forgetting to breathe for two minutes. Then wondered what the heck just hit you. Did a parade of fire-engines and police cars just slam through the ballroom sirens screaming and lights whirling? Holy shamoly.

Buddy says they choreographed it a week ago! ONE WEEK AGO! Incredible.

Floor trials are tomorrow morning at 6am! Early! Registering for the JJ is tomorrow at 9:30 am. Ugh! That is SO dang early we’re thinking we might as well just not go to sleep tonight at all. Of all the comps Atlanta and Dallas are the worst as far as these early-morning sign-ups for JJ’s and Strictlys. And it’s weird here when it comes to the wsdc. Jackie explained to me that Atlanta is a NASDE comp, always has been NASDE, and they just don’t know much about wsdc divisions. Nobody, including Jackie, can tell us if tomorrow’s JJ might actually be an Open (meaning all non-champion divisions are combined) or whether there might be more than one division. Or which divisions or how they might be defined.  Says “Inter\Advanced” on the program but it’s a mystery what this actually means.

Charlie and Jackie don’t seem to age. She is beautiful, he’s handsome … they look great.


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