Tampa 2008 – Update #2

Faith made Intermediate finals!!!!!!!  FAYFEE!!!!  WHOOOPEEEEE!!!! Orion made advanced finals. Don and Whitney dance allstar tomorrow.

Genieboy didn’t, neither did James, Dallas, or me. However, I have decided that enough is enough. From now on I’m writing my name onto the finals sheets. Didn’t have a pen with me tonight so I used lipstick and added my name at the very top of the list – first pick. That’s it, I’ve had it. I’m putting my foot down.

We had a pool party from 4:30 to 6 but the sky suddenly went very dark and ominous looking, a fierce wind came up, and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees … so we did not go in that pool. Instead we ate hamburgers and many many chocolate chip cookies; and Bill Cameron conducted Summer Hummer games. First was pick-up-a-potato-with-your-butt-carry-to-finish-line-and-deposit-in-big-orange-bucket. Next was hang-pantyhose-containing-an-orange-between-your-legs-and-swing-it-to-roll-a-lemon-to-the-finish-line. Our dance community is such an inspiring, dignified bunch. I posted a few pictures on Facebook of dancers ‘holding’ (if that’s the right word) potatoes, crawling across the grass, grimacing like they’ve got to get to a bathroom fast.

The final game was spinning – tiny little piece of dance floor laid on the grass and the contest was who could spin on one leg the most times. Angie and Brian, Lara and Keith, Tatiana and Jordan, Bill and Yuna, Katrina and – not Chris – I forget who!, and Rebecca and Jason Miklic (who won! 32 turns to Tat’s 30). Next who could spin lowest to the ground (also pirhouettes). And last who could make the most dramatic change in shape – while spinning on one leg.

By this time it was dark and reeeeallllly cold (compared to yesterday’s 85 degrees) so we went in to change, eat, or sleep. (Or post pictures on Facebook).

Tonight we saw Young America, Rising Star, Classic, the invitational jack and jill, and last of all the pro strictly finals which was done as a tag-team in which two couples would compete against each other then turn their backs to the judges who would hold up a red or blue card indicating whether they voted for the couple on the red or blue side. 16 couples, down to eight, then four, down to the final two (Jordan and Jill Demarco against Katrina and Robert Cordoba). We’ll hear at awards tomorrow which of these two won. Mind bogglingly awesome dancing.

We are t.i.r.e.d. We got 1 1/2 hours of sleep last night and competed all day today. So we’re going to bed early.

More tomorrow, after Awards.

Love Liza

My gadget is faster than your Iphone nyaa nyaa! When it works, that is.


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