Tampa 2008 – Update #1

We’re here in Tampa!

Gorgeous sunny weather, bunch of us hung out at the pool this afternoon. DC folks, so far: Whitney and her 2 husbands, Faith, Lara and Keith, James. Tonite is Masters and Soph routines, Showcase, All-Star JJ, and this “Mixed Bag” thing where u don’t know if ur leading or following and where u might be paired with a Novice or Allstar dancer. Should be funny.

Hotel is an historic inn, which means lovely rooms with lovely amenities circa 1800’s, like plumbing for instance. Tom Cocherline got locked out of his room at 1am for a couple hours cause the door handles fell off and the keys don’t work.

More later!

My gadget is faster than your Iphone nyaa nyaa! When it works, that is.


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