ACC 2009 – Update #2



The way Marion announced it, ” THE Best Novice Male Dancer in The Nation is …… ROB JACKSON!!”

Awesome! So Rob stood up there on that stage, in front of that marvelous ginormous backdrop, and received his winner’s jacket and tickets to every single AANCE event this year. YAY ROB! So proud of him.

The female winner is wonderful, funny, beautiful, smart, sexy Amy Carter, who drove us to the grocery store. We actually drove in the same car with the winner of AANCE. Whoa.

And guess who won the Novice Strictly?

ROB AND ROBIN! hahahahahahahaha Can you beat THAT?!? Did DC represent, or WHAT? So cool, so so cool.

And Robin placed 3rd in AANCE! The 3rd best female Novice dancer in the country! Pretty daggone great!

In AANCE Intermediate, Katy Slater and Demery Strickland won, and Katy Slater and Clint won the Strictly.

Rising Star:
3 Felix Hernandez and Maria Cirino
2nd Haider and Heather (GAWD I love this routine, and love love her dancing!)
1st … and the winner is … Orion and Rebecca! They NAILED their routine! Without a doubt the very best we’ve ever see them do it.

1st Michael and Jen
2nd Christopher and Katrina
3rd Matt Auclair and Sophy! – great routine – she looked terrific
4th Jason and Erica
5th Benji and Kellese
6th Trent Haynes and Debbie Figueroa
7th Jake and Taletha (lotta lotta mistakes, shame)
8th Brian Jordan and Laura Christopherson
9th Sebastien and Blandine (they have been since Thursday without their luggage – the airline says sorry they have no idea where the suitcases are, maybe Paris, maybe Canada – no idea – so they had to cobble together a costume which got caught on his sleeve during the routine, and she wears a size  5 shoe so had to borrow a size 6 from someone. Makeup from me. I feel sorry for them – they were scared to death and made a lot of mistakes. Really darling sweet couple).
10th Damon and Lisa (Um, wow. Wow not in a good way. No comment since I have no idea what was going on there.)

WSDC JJ finals:

Chelsea Rodgers
Crystal Auclair (what a sweetheart, with the all-tiime cutest daughter in history)
Darla Shrum
Heather Blue
Jamie Callahan
Michelle Haynes
1st alt – Kelly Faust
2nd alt – Tori Ellington (she has the best hair in the swing-dance world)

Bryan Spivey
Kyle Patel
Trey Ellington (Tori’s brother – they’re both adorable, but he has normal hair)
Chip DeStefano
Joel Gorman
Kris Sweringen
Michael Stephens (with whom I am doing the Masters Strictly tomorrow)
1st alt – Blaise Tamo

Novice Finalists:
Amy Carter
oops didn’t write down the rest

Intermediate Finalists:
Abby Wood
Christina DeMeola
Maria Vassilieva
Renee Lipman
Benjamin Plante
Graham Fox (all the way from Scotland! I love this guy but I can’t understand a word he says)
JB Brodie
Kelly Strouse
Mike Rosa

Heather made chocolate-cake shooters in her room again, same as last week in Boston, and I FORGOT TO GO aughghgh AUGHGHGH!! Dag NABBIT. We’ve been talking about chocolate shooters for an entire week and a half and I FORGOT TO GO. Dang! They’re good, too. REallllllly good.

Very full day. More tomorrow!

Love Liza


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