Capital 2009 – Update #1

It’s pouring. We’re several thousand miles from the ballroom. It’s freezing, The flight was six hours. The front desk staff said sorry we’re charging you $158 a night not the $99 Capital Swing rate – that block was sold out a year ago. Also we’re putting you in the overflow area that we never use except for your dance convention there are so many of you people of course its a little ratty so please feel free to go stay somewhere else this event is mostly a headache for us. (The manager was not happy when she heard this and promptly dispatched a golf cart to make the long journey to our room to deliver cheese and crackers and a letter of apology.)

When we did our strictly last night at 11pm it was really 2am our time.

Whine whine.


Outside of THAT everything is hunky dory here in lovely gloomy Sacramento.

Strictlys and Showcase were last night:

1 Parker and Jessie
2 Arjay and Melissa
3 Orion and Rebecca
4 Miles and Tessa

Advanced Strictly (we danced in this division and can you believe these people beat us? Come on, *us?* It’s an outrage. We are so much better than any of these dancers. Joke! Joke! That is a joke, hello.  But yes we did dance Advanced Strictly because my husband has moved to Advanced! I feel totally out of place dancing in this division.)
5 Zena and oops forget who
4 Jill DeMarco and John Kirkconnel
3 Courtney Adair and oops forget
2 Catriona and Patrick
1 Tall Paul (London Paul) and Dim Sum Yenni

Intermediate Strictly:
5 oops
4 Quenna and Peter
3 Ken Minchen and oops forget
2 Verane and oops
1 Samantha! (got a lot of pictures – they danced right in front of me) and Ben Plante (no fair! when they do a flat-back or duck-out she doesn’t even have to bend down since she’s 2’3″ and he’s 7’8″).

Junior Strictly:
1 Rome and Chevy
2 Connor and Tara
3 Torri and Michael O’Connor

Okay, gotta get ready for JJ’s, in an hour and a half. Then the “fabulous dinner buffet” which comes with the ticket. Then Classic, which we are super duper duper duper looking forward to. Oops bad grammar never end with a preposition change that – I meant to say  which we are super duper duper looking forward to woof splash.

More later!

Love Liza




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