Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #4

Strictlys were last night! Here are the Finalists:
Corey Caron and Erin Caron
Dave Damon and Sascha, bouncing back and forth between her adorable Lindy outfit and adorable west-coast outfit
Eric Cudmore and Heidi Mongeau
Greg and Lemery
Jody and Connie
Maxence and Veranne
Joe Mahoney and Priscilla Brown
John Kirkonnell and Jill Dammarco
Larry Mongeau and Patti Jobst
Victor and Willow

Followed by Invitational Strictlys WHAT A TREAT! Finalists will be paired with Lindy finalists for tomorrow’s “Crossover.”

This comp is always the highlight of the weekend. So funny! Like watching Michael Jordan do synchronized swimming!

Invitational Prelim Couples:
Jordan and Tat
Jason and Erica
Robert and Nicola
Robert Cordoba and Melissa Rutz
Arjay and Deborah
Kyle and Melina
Ben and Sarah
Mario and Blake
Bill and Yuna
John Lindo and Silvia Sykes

And the Finalists for tomorrow’s Crossover:

JJ’s in two hours!

We danced last night till 4am. Trying to save juice for today’s comp. Ballroom packed when we left.

At 10am this morning the Lindy music still hadn’t stopped! Couples were still throwing each other into chandeliers at 10am! That’s a first.

Breakfast buffet was GREAT this morning! No lonely table in corner of room, no Special-K, frozen bagels, liquified bananas. Real food! On a real buffet!

It’s sunny and beautiful!

Hotel ran out of key-cards so people have to get their credit-cards logged into the hotel database to use them as room keys.

We have hot water! (only mentioning because last year we did not.)

No elevators stuck yet!


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