Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #3

Friday 6pm and TOTALLY FUN here!

And it hasn’t even started yet!

Frenzy of buses, vans, taxis, and rental cars! Suitcases, car-seats, coolers, hangers, duffel bags shopping bags all over the driveway!  Dancers crowding through revolving doors! Pizza delivery guys!

Everyone speaking French! Okay not everyone.  Almost everyone! Beaucoup de personnes from Quebec! And from France! COOL HAIR!

Here comes Uber-Van with Angel and Debbie! Mario! Jordan! Doug Silton! Roystons! Californians and Texans! They made it through the storms!

Kyle and Sarah! They made it out of  Dallas! They look great! Haven’t seen them since the fall – Kyle lost his father – it’s been hard on them.  But they look happy and healthy!

Arjay is here! Ben Morris is here! – we saw him teaching a GINORMOUS Lindy workshop earlier today. Melina’s here! Melissa!  Lindy and Balboa pros by the hundreds!

Great crowd from DC so far:  Dallas! (but no Whitney waaa, we love Whitney.) Genieboy’s made it to Logan but traffic still completely stalled between the airport and the hotel – Friday rush-hour), Jody, Greg, Ed Francell, Lemery, Mike and Melissa.

The energy AUGHGH! I can tell this is going to be an awesome weekend, I can just feel it! Guess what? Full buffet for breakfast tomorrow! hahaha Guess what else? We took the elevator! Crammed with two doggies, a stroller, a baggage cart, and 1,000 Lindy Hoppers! And WE DIDN’T GET STUCK!

And it stopped raining! The sun came out!

I love dance comps! AUGHGHGHGH! What a fun life we lead!

Oh and listen to this: Yuna is doing a VERY cool thing: she started a Personal Shopper business. For men! Men dancers! She has a rack and table of men’s shirts, vests, and pants which she stationed right beside the men’s bathroom hahaha. So you men who don’t have the time to shop for great dance clothes – Yuna’s got you covered! What a GREAT idea!

Yuna brought her grandmother Svetlana! Jacqueline Bracero brought her mother Mirta! Now I know where these girls get their looks.

AUGHGH!!! Genieboy just called he’s in the hotel!! YAY!!! Life is good!


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