Tampa 2009 – Update #5

Oh, forgot to mention:

Dragonflies the size of large pterodactyls, several of which scared the crap out of me slamming into my head while I was sitting on the balcony gazing at the sunset. But beautiful!

Swans! Pelicans! Some wonderful long-necked goose kind of show-off fishing bird who plops down on the grass beside crowds of people to stretch his neck and hold his wings out so you can see what a cool dude he is.

And Steve Hunt went out into the ocean on a jet-ski and played with dolphins! He says if he kept the motor going so they could hear where he was, and didn’t rev it up suddenly and scare them, and kept a steady momentum, that they would swim alongside and came up beside him all twisted and tangled on top of each other to poke their noses and play with the boat. How marvelous! Marvelous! Wonderful marvelous!

There’s a creek, or a moat kind of a thing, which runs between the sand and the hotel, with people peddling paddle-boats and fishing with nets.

Robert Royston says that in the twenty years he’s being travelling the circuit he has never before been to a comp which was right exactly on the beach. Gotta agree – it was pretty wonderful.

Okay, that’s it for Tampa 2009!

Pictures on Facebook!

Love Liza


One response to “Tampa 2009 – Update #5

  1. This description deserves a picture with the pelicans, swans and geese. Did you get to dance outside on a dance floor or inside the hotel?

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