Tampa 2009 – Update #2

Well, I DO have time to write at this comp, just nothing yet to write about since nothing has happened all day. I hadn’t realized that this entire day is appallingly schedule-free. Nothing starts until 9 tonight! A whole day of, of, of NOTHING! Maybe to give everyone a chance to spend a day on the beach relaxing. Relaxing? What the heck is relaxing? I’m not used to relaxing. Well, I take that back. Genieboy and I are very good at relaxing, as long as it’s only 3 or 4 minutes at a stretch and we can take a couple hour’s break in between to recuperate.

More arrivals from our DC crew: Lara Deni and Dave Herrin; James Hchchch; and either I’m hallucinating or I actually did actually see Kirsten Whitley wandering around on the beach. Either it was Kirsten or it was a 5’10” halogen light bulb with red-orange flames shooting out the top. Missing the 4th member of  the Three Musketeers: sweetie-pie Tonya. Where’s Tonya?

More Juniors! Brianne is here, all ten of the Willis kids; Andrew Malkowski, Chase (an adorable Shagger who’s now doing west-coast); and Tommy Gibbs tells me that he and Renee’s crew consists of 23 Juniors 11 – 24 years old, who, for the past 11 weeks, have taken a weekly lesson from Renee and Tommy, and who will all be wearing “West Coast Gang” t-shirts! Renee and Tommy bought them dance shoes, sponsored their registrations, and entered them in the JJ. Awesome! Totally awesome. We’d like to do this in DC. I’d love to get a whole gang of juniors dancing west-coast in DC!

Mario’s Intensive preceded this comp so there’s a crowd of dancers walking around in a daze, clutching notebooks and looking like they just saw an alien spaceship land on the beach.

Loud-mouthed UK folks are here! Steve Hunt is the loud-mouth-est of all. This is a man with a big voice. Very, very funny man, with a very big voice. He was looking rawther pink last night and when I said “you English burn immediately cause you never get any sun” he snapped “That’s not true at all. We get several days of it. Every year.” But there he was early this morning, back out on the beach again in his swim trunks, ready to jump into the waves. With a new bottle of SPF 10-Million sunblock.

Yuna is here, VERY pregnant (she’s only at 5 months but she’s big already. Her stomach, that is. The rest of her is teeny weeny tiny. Well not all the rest of her – her boobs are now a Double-D, which some people are thoroughly enjoying I’m sure.) But she’s looking gorgeous. Even more gorgeous than the non-pregnant version. She just looks blossomingly beautiful, and so happy!

That’s it. Nuttin’ else to update except the tides, wind speed, and time of sunset this evening.

Oh yeah – I said “who’s” in that last update. I meant “whose.”

Okay, back to relaxing for yet another grueling hour.

Love Liza


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