US Open 2009 – Update #2

How could we NOT be having fun here? For us Easterners coming from 40 degree incessantly rainy weather it is GLORIOUS to be here in this perfectly brilliant dry 80 degree bright blue skies lovely LA gorgeousness! Last night we sat on our balcony with a glass of wine – palm trees waving below us, distant sounds of music and the whir of wind blowing around the buildings – and watched Disneyland’s nightly fireworks. We’re thinking tonight’s Thanksgiving fireworks will be splendiferous.

Wednesday night’s dance was small. REALLY small, as in, the small kind of small. We were surprised. Guess most people wait till after the holiday to get to the hotel. We did see Brennar and his sweetie-pie-maw Cindy who is ecstatic to be with her baby boy whom she hasn’t seen since Liberty (he drove straight from Liberty to move out here to Cali so he can work and travel with Torri). And we saw our friend Brady who has finally reached the end of his six-month visit here and will return home to Australia on Monday morning. The Open is Brady’s gigantic huge goodbye party. He’s a little sad. So are we. Waaa. Brady is homesick, but still, he’s sad to leave. So many new friends he’s made, so many comps, such good times he’s had! But he accomplished his goal – he made it into Advanced! From Novice to Adavnced in six months – purty daggone great, mate.

And! We saw the ballroom! I love standing in the empty ballroom before a comp begins. Backdrop is up, floor is down, chairs are waiting – it’s all shimmery, like the walls are vibrating with excitement. And this ballroom, wow, it is gorgeous! That stage we’ve seen on DVD’s forever, the shiny turquoise entrance curtains, the huge US Open logos on either side, the judges’ seating, the long banks of stage lighting running across the ceiling, the risers, the lighted aisle posts, the TV cameras at the top of the room, the plants, that wonderful floor with its NASDE events on twelve squares! All dimly lit, all silent except for the buzz buzz buzz of electricity, the whole room expectant, just waiting for someone to flick the switches, and …

Picture collages outside the ballroom, hundreds of US Open performances going back to 2001. (Uh, 2001? Felt like we were looking at pictures of the early 60’s. What th’? When did 2001 get so far away? Sheesh! How did 2001 get to be a long time ago?).

Doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to take photos in the ballroom. Our seating is good for viewing, well, sorta kinda (except that if the couple comes up close we won’t be able to see anything from the knees down), but in terms of photography I’ll have four or five rows of heads between me and the floor so I’ll never be able to get a clear shot. Guess I won’t be taking pictures this weekend. Oh well! Little disappointed cuz I was SO looking forward to taking pictures of all the new routines. But Kermit is here and I’m sure plenty of other professional photographers, so there will be TONS of great pictures for sure.

Tomorrow begins with floor trials at 7am, competitors’ meeting at 2, and the first comp – Advanced/Allstar JJ – is at 4. Opening ceremony at 7, then Teams, and Showcase!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you US-ers! And to our kids! And our grandkids! And family!

Down we go, to dance the night away! We’re at the Open! AUGHGHGH This is so much fun!

Love Liza


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