US Open 2009 – Update #1

We’re ALREADY having fun! It’s 75 degrees – we’re sitting on our balcony in the warm breeze having a glass of wine and watching the LA skyline below us. WE’RE AT THE USOPEN!!! I am so excited I am beside myself. This is our FIRST TIME at the Open – I’ve been wanting to come for 20-sumpfin years and here we are! So exciting! So much history!

The first dance starts in half an hour and because we’re not competing much this weekend we don’t have to worry about conserving energy – so – we are planning on dancing *all* night *every* night till the wee-est hours, on and on until next Monday.


We saw Tyoni and Ron earlier this evening and they say everything appears to be under control. 1,000 registrations at this point, 700 competitors (100 more than last year, a very good thing). They anticipate another 5-700 walk-in registrations so they hope to be up a little from last year and maybe make some money hopefully maybe. They’ve got GlobalDance TV broadcasting the whole thing live throughout the weekend, so you can watch (for a fee).

We had a strangely calm, delightful, uneventful, friendly, easy flight here. It’s the day before Thanksgiving! We were thinking Planes Trains and Automobiles, figured our baggage would be lost, all sorts of holdups, wouldn’t actually make it here till Friday. But no problems, nada! We arrived 45 minutes EARLY, in fact. This may have been the easiest flight we’ve ever taken, ever. Very disorienting. We’re still waiting for the axe to fall.

Okay! Down we go to see the ballroom, and start DANCING!!!! WAAAAAA WE’RE AT THE OPEN WE’RE AT THE OPEN!!!!


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