Atlanta 2010 Update #3

JJ Finals!!

(Judges were Debbie Ramsey, Melina, Nicola, Ben, Barry, and Jack)
Pamela Benet with James (sorry, too fast for me to catch leaders’ last names)
Deanne Nyland with Benjamin
Alex Grunwald with oops
Kristin Curry with Xavier Dumont
Alisa Vidal with uh oh
Amber Hicks with Hugo
Estelle Bonnaire with Chris
Alya Fluger with Mario Not Robau
Melissa Eelman with Jeremy
Lisa Turner with oy vay
Jesse Decker with Analina Rochfeuille
Kathleen Armstrong with Dean
Anya with Cody Dunavan
Whitney Bartlett with sheesh I can’t get ’em too fast
Vino with Krystal Bravo

Intermediate Finals:
(Judges Mark Traynor, Debbie Ramsey, Barry, Teddy Kern, Nicola, and Jack)
Nick Jones with Wendy Cart
Reggie Beason with Melodie Chardonner
Gerry Morris with Blandine
Sebastien with Verane (ha! yay! my friend!)
Michael with Melody Carr
Stefan with Lina Grukowski
Francois with ME! Ha! (Don’t remember the three couples named after me, in fact I don’t remember anything after hearing my name called. I made finals!)

Advanced/Allstar Finals:
(Judges Deonna, Kellese, Barry, Debbie Ramsey, Benji (standing in for Nicola who had to run off to change Summer’s diaper), and Jack)
Victor and Debbie Noble
Jimmy and Khy Cuismano
Scott Stuart and Kelly Hull
Earl and Taylor
James H and the terribly unattractive Melissa Rollins
Greg and Lemery (ha! got each other!)
Trey and Brianne
Carpio and Heidi Batdorf
Brennar and Yenni (which do you like better: Yennar? or Brenni? They dance like magic and are doing a strictly together tomorrow)
Stephen White and Samantha Buckwalter
Steve Hunt and Tori Ellington
Josh Clark and Kat Ostrenski
JB and Melissa Greene, and
PJ and Courtney

Ohhhhhh Boy. Tonight is almost here! Oh boy oh boy oh boyoboyoboyoboyoboyoboy. I am so excited!

Tonight’s schedule:
8:00 Masters Routines
9:00 Hand-Dance Strictly
and then 10:00 AUGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!

SO much to tell. LATER!

Love Liza


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