Atlanta 2010 Update #1

Oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd AUGHGHGHGH!!! Routine divisions this weekend are going to be OFF THE CHARTS! Just heard about Jordan and Tat’s new routine from folks who saw it last weekend at the French Open (there are LOTS of French and uk people here!) and they say it BLOWS YOUR MIND it’s just over-the-top mind-bogglingly edgy off-the-charts great CRAZY great. I CANNOT WAIT!

And Parker and Jen dancing for the first time together!! Spoke with people who’ve seen it (practice runs) and they say it is AMAAAAAAZIIIIIIING different unique brilliant – CAN’T WAIT!!!

Last night (Thursday night) was absolutely awesome social dancing – 250 on the floor, all  superb – omgawd.

First year they actually have wsdc jack-and-jill divisions, too!

Crazy fun so far, just talking with people, and the level of excitement … Atlanta’s kind of like a smaller, mid-year USOpen.

Thunderstorms forecast for all weekend here but who cares!

More later tonight (after tonight’s stuff: Opening Ceremonies at 8:30 – Cooter and Grace are MC’s – Carolina Classic, Junior Shag, then SHOWCASE at 10:45!

Love Liza


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