Summer Hummer 2010 Update #1

Summah Hummah up they-ya in Baaston. It has now come and gone. WHAT a fun supah dupah fun weekend! Okay, so results first:

Novice/Intermediate Strictly (they were combined) had 43 couples in Prelims – danced all in one heat (or maybe two, can’t remember) in that circle format thing. So kinda hard for the judges, I’m guessing, Judges were Donna Roesel, Jen, Jessica, Rutz, and Stephanie Batista. (Maira Pineda was Chief Judge for the weekend).

16 Finalists:
Roberto Corporan and Sarah Richard
Jerome Fernandez and Emeline Rochefeuille (France!)
Jerome Louis and Quenna Wong
Mathew Smith and Shoshi Kushnir
Stanley Seguy and Laeticia Blanchet
Cory Wingt and Nathalie Fisher
Hrafnkell Palsson and Gudron Maria Jonsdotter (Iceland!)
Akil and Nicole Clonch (Juniors!)
Stephane Schneider and Linda Fratsa (France!)
Nicolas Besnier and Marine Fabre (France)
Phouvanh Meckhasinh (I have NO idea where this person is from but want to meet the man with a name that sounds like a hiccup followed by a sneeze) and Sheryl Williams
Brian Linacre and Mary Beth Lane
Neil Crosbie and Kim Brolet (Scotland!)
Mitch Marcello and Natalie Kuczma (France, I think)
Cameron Crook and Vivian Glucksmann-Weiss (a Junior and a not-Junior)
Steve Wilder and Emma Katzberg

and the winners were:

1st Jerome and Emmeline
2nd Roberto and Sarah
3rd Hrafnkell and Maria
4th Mathew and Shoshi
5th Akil and Nicole

Advanced/Allstar Strictly (also combined) had 35 couples in Prelims, also danced in the circle thing. Same judges (who by the way were all wearing 8″ spike heel strappy shoes or boots with skinny mini-skirts or leggings – making it hard for half of the audience – the ADD half – to pay attention to the dancers – Robert Royston, MC for the weekend, called them (at this point – he later caled them something else) the “Pussycat Dolls”): Jess, Rutz, Jen, Stephanie, Donna Roesel, and Maira.

Prelim couples:
Chris Lo and Heather
Alfred and Dana
Anne Fletcher and Dave Damon
Sascha and Alex Kosi-osi-in-come-free
Richard Smith and oops didn’t get who
Greg Scott and Erica Smith
Beverly Brunerie (14 years old and SO so good! Allez la France!) and Rome
Peter Fradley and oops
Willow and Ryan Crutcher
Julien (France!) (he wears pink underpants to match his pink shirt. Also striped underpants to match his striped shirt. “Underrrpents always mutch zeee shirt hahaha” he says. Allez la France!) and Merina (Russia!!)
Trey and Kelly Faust
Jody Moscaritolioliolio and Anna Lumsden
Rob Jackson and Sammie Fernandez
Either Stacy or Yenni – hard to tell – and Brian Faust
Either Stacy or Yenni and Doug Rousar
Genieboy and Laurie Shafer
Steven Hunt and Lisa Vivo
Billy and Chevy
Warren and Kelly Hull
Rob Glover and Jill Demarco
Joe Mahoney and Kay
Sean and Tori Ellington
Rebecca Ludwick and Kyle Patel
Heidi Batdorf and oops didn’t get it
Randy Payne and oops
Shelly Saxena and oops
Kim Filipo and Erik Novoa
Brandon Rasmussen and oops
Ed Francell and Tammy Greene
Julie Epplet and Dave Ranes
Marcus Schwartz and Jamie Beaver
JB and Abi Wood
Anne Fleming and Cuddy
Tiara and Chris

Finalists were:
Alfred and Dana
JB and Abi
Julien and Marina
Trey and Kelly
Brian and The Tall One
Rob and Sammie
Jody and Anna
Doug and The Short One
Ryan and Willow
Rome and Beverly
Jake and Yuna
Sean and Tori
1st Alt Steve and Lisa
2nd Alt Greg and Erica

And the winners were:
1st Doug and Yenni
2nd Sean and Tori
3rd Rob and Sammie
4th Jake and Yuna
5th Brian and The Tall One

So this is maybe 11pm-ish on Friday night – Summah Hummah shifting into high gear, the prior week is fading fading fading away in the rear-view mirror, it’s getting hot and exciting (and hot) in the ballroom, social dances in between comps are explosive crazy energy, floor and ballroom totally packed, everyone’s giddy, Royston’s on a roll, and now when the Pussycat Dolls come struttin’ onto the floor to judge Showcase and Champions Strictly he gives them new names: Bitchy, Sleazy, Catty, Seriously?, and Costly. Oh yeah and he mumbles that his name is Stupid for saying all that on the microphone and live TV.

More in a coupla minutes.

Love Liza


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