Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #4


Last night’s great Crossover Jack and Jill:

1st Arjay and Naomi Uyama
2nd Jordan and Annie Trudeau
3rd Andy Reid and Sarah
4th John Lindo and Nina Gilkenson
5th Peter Strom and Deborah Szekely


1 Steven Hunt (uk!) and Yuna
2 Erik Novoa and Lynne Anderson
3 Gary Ulaner and Tiffany Lubran
4 Oscar and Melissa Greene
5 Marc Levitin and Yuna

1 Rob Glover (uk ex-pat) and Alysia Bonvino
2 Dave Damon and Sammie Fernandez
3 Peter Fradley (uk!) and Samantha Ramirez
4 Neil Crosbie (Scotland!) and Anna Lumsden (uk!)
5 Mitch Marcello (France!) and Caroline Amblard (London, and France!)

1 Stephane (Quebec via France!) and Dianna Lyn Cote
2 Dan Devan and Emeline (France!)
3 Matt Smith and Kate Lovegrove (uk!)
4 Martin Roy and Marina (Russia!)
5 Hrafnkell (Iceland!!!) and Nina El-Badry

1 Steve Yi and Kristin Bianco
2 Nicolas Besnier (Quebec!) and Michelle Fletcher
3 Jim Chow and Irina Avdeeva (Russia!)
4 Paul Chapman and Mariel Manzone
5 Billy Marti and Shoshi Kushnir

1 Marlon Mills and Colleen Vernon
2 Justin Davis and Sara Carrero
3 Steven Jin and Charlotte MacConnell
4 Benoit Lapointe and Marilyn Smith
5 Evan Haas and Amanda Townsend

Prelims for the Champions Invitational Strictly:
Kyle and Melina
Jordan and Tatiana
John Lindo and Jessica
Arjay and Jen
Ben and Sarah
Robert Cordoba and Deborah Szekely

and the Winners of the Champions Invitational Strictly:
1st Jordan and Tatiana
2nd Ben and Sarah
3rd Kyle and Melina
4th Arjay and Jen
5th John Lindo and Jessica

Prelims for the Open Strictly:
Benjamin and Melodie
Erik and Anna
Marc and Stephanie
Hrafnkell and Maria
Dave Damon and Sarah Richard
Gary Ulaner and Melissa Greene
Marcus Schwarz and Sammie Fernandez
Steve Hunt and Tiffany
Doug Silton and Samantha Ramirez
Kevin Balcom and Lynne Anderson
Davis Thurber and JesAnn Nail
Stephane and Emeline
Oscar and Annie Trudeau
Peter Fradley and Kate Lovegrove
Neil Crosbie and Irina Avdeeva
Brian Man and Tammy Greene
Maxence and Jill Dumarco
Phouvanh Meckhasinh and Marine Fabre
Michael Pisco and Jennie Hartman
Dan Devan and Elizabeth Pouwels
Roberto Villamarin and Cali Buntin
Nicolas Besnier and Cheryl Williams
Mitch Marcello and Susan Flaminio
Randy Payne and Noel Mathur
Robert Vaughn and Raquel Montanez
Wes Cooper and Sara Barker
Derick Van Ness and Jillian Townsend

And the Open Strictly Winners:
1st Maxence and Jill
2nd Erik and Anna
3rd Doug and Samantha
4th Steve and Tiffany
5th Stephane and Emmeline


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