Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #2

Oh. My. Gawd. I might have just seen the funniest hour-and-a-half I’ve ever seen in 25 year in the dance community. My stomach is killing me, had to keep putting down the camera cause I was laughing too hard to take pictures. Holy kriminy.

Talk about skanks. ALL the pro’s are skanks – lindy and west-coast. women AND men. Marty Klempner showed up bare-chested, with some kind of spray-tan on his face and just the front of his chest (Rob Glover says Marty learned, in the middle of the crossover, that whatever stuff he used to make himself brown (his face was ridiculously brown, and it stank) will take three weeks to wear off). The lindy girls had huge feather earring(s) and their hair down and they were WHIPPIN’ and WORKIN’ some hair … west coast girls dressed like school girls but not exactly, more like baaaad really baaaad school girls, verrrrry bad. Especially Jessica. She was the baddest. A sweet little skirt, and BLACK panties. Which kept “showing.” What kind of girl wears black undies? A bad bad girl, a girl who needs a spanking. Oh how I hope my pictures come out! If the do they’ll be priceless. So many panties! Lot of panties. (Which, by the way, Tatiana first PUT ON panties (I’m talking about put on panties ON THE FLOOR, in front of everybody, on the camera, just before going out to dance – Sarah, Jessie, Jen and Melina providing a human-shield around her – don’t ask me I haven’t figured it out. I asked John Festa (judging the division, laughing his head off for 1 1/2 hours solid) “DID SHE *HAVE* ANY *OTHER* PANTIES ON? YES? NO? IF SO, WHAT HAPPENED TO *THOSE* PANTIES?” Festa didn’t know either. But then 20 minutes later, in the midst of everything, Rob says on the mic “Tatiana would like to know if anyone out there (meaning the entire ballroom) happens to have a pair of SHORTS she can borrow?” omgawd! She was provided with a pair of what looked like to me men’s Hawaiin swim trunks? Oh and omg you should have seen the men! Our men, the west-coast men, dressed up pure vintage – caps and knickerbockers, Arjay in humongous slippers over lindy tennis shoes … oh man.

Okay, I’m going back down to the ballroom. The big one is west-coast, downstairs there’s a Lindy ballroom, and next to the bar is the Crossover Ballroom – some crazy stuff going on in there …


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