SwingDiego 2011 – Update #1


One word: Abso [insert favorite expletive here] Lutely [insert expletive again] Awesome. No time to write all weekend cause Holy [insert expletive again] Shamoly – the schedule was packed with [expletive] awesomeness from the minute we arrived Thursday morning till the last minute we reluctantly dragged ourselves to the airport Monday morning, choked up with goodbye tears that it had to come to an end, still in a dance-all-night daze, heads still thumping with the vision of that burning red backdrop with “SwingDiego” slashed across in beautiful script, silhouettes of dancers sliding and turning and twisting in front ,,, like a farewell sunset … hating to see it end … what a weekend, what an amazing, amazing weekend!

Tons of pictures to upload to Facebook, suitcases to unpack, and a comp update to write so I can describe how moving and incredible the event was. Wow, just wow. SwingDiego! – best event of the year, no question. Nothing else quite like it, all year long.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it! But first I gotta get me some sleep. I’m wiped!


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