Liberty 2011 – Update #3

Wow! Yesterday was FUN! Lots to tell but first:

Saturday’s Results:

Rising Star (three couples):
1st Michael Stephens and Jamie Callahan $340
2nd Mike Glasgow and Kristen Wenger $250
3rd Donnie and Daria $200

Classic (nine couples):
1st Benji and Melissa Rutz $2,000
2nd Brennar and Torri $1,000
3rd Jordan and Tatiana $500
4th Kyle and Sarah $300
5th Tybalt and Hazel $200

Juniors (five couples):
1st Chris and Nicole $400
2nd Steven and Hannah $300
3rd Conner and Alyssa
4th Akil and Alexis
5th Ian and Emily Hull

Intermediate JJ:
1st Akil and Estelle $352
2nd Jerome and Svetlana $292
3rd Steve Wilder and Hottie-Trained-Dancer-With-No-Vowels-Name-Ending-in-Oooski $234
4th Scott Pulling and Erica Ross $176
5th Michael Blackburn and Sarah Richards $118

Advanced JJ:
1st Dave Damon and Blandine $252
2nd Julien-of-the-famous-pink-underwear and Sascha $210
3rd Sebastien and Jamie $168
4th Keith Stremmel and Erica Smith $126
5th Peter Fradley and Sue Lambell $84

Masters JJ:
1st Dean and Dori $158
2nd Mike Glasgow and Maureen $132
3rd Michael Stephens and Me, Liza heh heh $106
4th Dave Raimes and Jennifer $78
5th Dennis Riley and Samantha DeFrancisco $52

Allstar JJ:
1st Anthony DeRosa and Lemery $140
2nd Stephen White and Alyssa $116
3rd Greg Scott and Kelly Hull $94
4th JB and Dana Simonetti $70
5th Steve Hunt and Connie


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