Liberty 2011 – Update #1

Liberty is a blast!

And it hasn’t even started yet! But all our friends are here! Evvvvvvverybody from DC is here – for us it’s only a three-hour drive. Even Dallas and Whitney Brooks! First time out since baby Austin was born almost a year ago.

So far: 12 Frenchies, 10 Brits plus Steve Hunt who counts as a country all by himself, two Russians, the King of Belgium … yes, really! The King of Belgium! And Barak Obama! In the other ballroom,the smaller one. West coast swing gets the main ballroom, the King of Belgium and the President of The United States can make do with the small ballroom around the corner. Security guards everywhere.

Registration is always a snap at Liberty. Set up right in the lobby, completely computerized (Brian Faust’s great program, the one with ipads for the judges), and six hot babes to check you in.

Love the contemporary lobby with open balcony, rock sculptures, bar and restaurant with cool misshapen plates and silverware that balances at weird angles.

People got rained out on the highways yesterday and today – huge thunderstorms. Bill Cameron (doing floors this weekend) says it took him 6 hours to make a 2-hour trip, flooding and accidents. Can’t figure out if it’s hot or cold. When it’s not pouring it’s about to pour and so humid you can’t see through the air. I am the only person in the hotel with a hair advantage.

Last night’s dance was meh. Downstairs in a largish meeting room – two floors separated by pillars. Arjay dj’d (Arjay DJ Arjay DJ Arjay DJ) till 11-ish, Louie followed. I counted  120 people on the floor, another 40 standing around. When we left at 1 there were about 40 couples still dancing.

Looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies in two hours … last year was Elvis, this year’s a secret. And pro Strictly and Showcase! Sebastien has a new Showcase partner – she’s beautiful (are alllll the French women beautiful?!? Dudes come ON. It’s bad enough they can dance, no fair if they’re beautiful too. Seriously.) and she is TINY. She’s like a blonde chihuahua. Sebastien is tall and strong so I can only imagine what their routine will look like.

Okee dokee. More in a wittle bit.


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