VIP 2011 Update #6


Just walked in the front door, finally home after a long day of flying across the country from VIP, back to my Genieboy (who had to work this weekend so couldn’t make it to the event – first comp in seven years we weren’t together. We drive each other crazy but miss the heck out of each other when we’re apart.

I’ve returned home to 17 zillion requests for results, so before I say a thing about Saturday night here are the winners of the 2011 WAG Awards:

Best Volunteer: Vivian Glucksmann-Weiss

Best Club/Studio: D’Amico Dance Studio (Damon and Lisa, Texas)

Best International Event: UK Championships

Best Event Under 500: Desert City

Best International Dancer: Maxence Martin

Best Junior Couple: Rome and Chevy

Best Swing Ambassador(s): Jordan and Tatiana

Best Female Novice/Intermediate Dancer: Alyssia Bishop

Best Male Nov/Intermediate Dancer: David Guido

Best Female Advanced/Allstar Dancer: Yenni Setiawan

Best Male Advanced/Allstar Dancer: Ben McHenry

Best DJ: Victor Loveira

Best Routine 1983 – 2000: Robert and Laureen,  “Fever”

Best Routine of the Decade: Kyle and Sarah, “Johnny Be Goode”

Best Female Teacher: Tatiana

Best Male Teacher: Mario

Best Jack and Jill: John Lindo and Melissa Rutz

Best Strictly: Robert Royston and Jill Dumarco

Best Masters Couple: Chips and Janice

Best Showcase Couple: Benji and Torri

Best Classic Couple: Jordan and Tatiana

Best Event: SwingDiego

Best Event Director: Earl and Parker

Lots and lots to tell about these Awards, the speeches, the whole night …

But first I have to unpack so in two days we can re-pack and fly up to Boston for Summer Hummer!


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