VIP 2011 Update #3

This is a great thing Barry is doing here. I keep hearing from one Allstar after another how awesome it feels to have this opportunity to compete without having to go up against Champion dancers in the same division.

Robert Royston on the mic tonight and he is a great emcee. So funny. So quick! SO loves our community. So respectful of all the characters in it.

Robert opened the night by telling us about the Feather Awards – how Barry said back in the mid-90’s that he’d like to bring back the Feather Awards, create a kind of People’s Choice awards event which would allow non-Champion dancers to shine. And that is how this event came to be. Because of this event people all over the world formed partnerships and worked hard to choreograph and master routines to perform this very weekend. What a great boost this is for advanced and allstar dancers in our community! A group particularly devoted to our dance, people who have put in years working to get better, competing in Jack and Jill’s, Strictly’s, and Routines. People whose faces we all recognize.

Tonight was Teams:

1. “D Troop” – five adorable young girls (from Houston) all in black and either neon yellow, orange, pink, blue or green, with big numbers on their shirts. Cool jazz/hip-hop choreography to “Do You Remember” and “Give Me One Reason.”

2. “Boom Boom Girls” – five more adorable not-as-young-as-the-last-team-and-definitely-fertile girls doing a burlesque chair-dancing act to “Welcome To Burlesque.” Man it was hot. Robert said, after a long silence, “I never wanted to be a chair so bad in my life.”

3. “Floor Play” – from Oklahoma City

4. “S Factor” – from Dallas – this is the team that wowed us at MadJam

Judges for this division: Arjay, Patty Vo, Michael and LeAnn Norris, and Chief Judge Yvonne.

And then, Classic!

1. Cooper and Jessica
2. Ed and MacKenzie
3. Steven and Carla (Texas … only their third time on the floor)
4. Sean and Courtney
5. Michael O’Connor and Linda Cuccio
6. Kris and Rebecca
7. Mike and Angie
8. Ben McHenry and Cameo
9. Josh and Katherine

Robert, with a beautiful quote from Parker: “We can’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been.” And throughout the evening Robert acknowledged icons of our community who were there with us in the ballroom: Skippy! Maryann! Sharlot! Val LaFemina! Kellese (who Robert called “the Winningest Woman in the history of West Coast Swing – she’s won everything there is to win. And she’s always in such a “bad” mood.”)! Michelle! Jack and Annie! So many legends. And Barry himself!

A beautiful evening.


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