VIP 2011 Update #2

Opening Ceremonies postponed ’till 9:30 so I’ve got a quick moment here …

So far we’ve had Novice and Intermediate JJ prelims: 24 Novice couples, Intermediate 10 boys 14 girls. Judges for these divisions: Chief Judge Yvonne Antonacci, Carmen, Lori Hayner, Michelle Kincaid, Kellese, and Lasonda Campbell.

Novice Strictly’s (5 couples) and Intermediate Strictly’s (7 couples) both moved straight to finals on Sunday, and will be Spotlight! Ha! Fun for these couples!

I’ve been corrected!
1. Asterix is a French cartoon character. Asterik is what indicated finalists at Swing Fling.
2. 3,600 feet is not where our plane was which I know because we were flying *above* the Rockies not crashing into the sides of them. Mike Glasgow (who knows) says my number was missing a zero.
3. Vivian Glucksmann-Weiss tells me 300 attended Thursday night’s dance, not 150 like I’d heard earlier.

Robert Royston cleared something up for me: I never did understand why this event was called the VIP Advanced/Allstar WAG Westie Awards Gala, which has seemed like a bit of a mouthful. I’ve been calling it either “VIP” (or “WAG” which has made me want to talk wike Elmoo Fudd and weave out certain wetters of the owfabet). But I have been enlightened: one of the main motivations for the event is that Barry feels there’s been a “bottleneck” in Classic and Showcase, where only the same top five couples win. He wanted to give Advanced and Allstar dancers a chance to shine, the way it’s done in the Ballroom world. Nah duh. That’s embarrassing. Everyone else knew this I’m sure.

Those who actually knew about the event, that is. On the east coast people didn’t seem to know this was happening, weren’t aware there was a Facebook group or page, or a website, didn’t know anything about voting. Word just didn’t get out this first year.

Music so far has been good: Jack Smith, Victor, and Cher …

More after the rest of tonight’s program (Kickoff, Classic, Teams and Cabaret


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