Tampa 2011 Update #6

More Results!

Advanced JJ:
1st Place Demery and Elisa DeFoe
2nd Jesse Vos and Jenn Pasetes
3rd Keith Stremmel and Beverly Co
4th Hugo and Stephanie Weiss
5th Evan Schwartz and Sabrina
6th Dave Weiss and Cindy Dionne

Intermediate JJ:
1st Place Sheven and Sara
2nd Mario Lett and Alaina Sislay
3rd Jerome Louis and Monica Garcia
4th Vino Salame and Jillian Townsend
5th Peter Zellner and Alissia Bishop
6th Vence Harbuck and Catrinel Jordan
7th Kyle Merritt and Victoria Andromalos-Dale
8th Alex Waller and Lauren Byrd
9th Fabio Beltramini and Cali Buntin
10th Stphane Schneider and Valerie Sponsler

Masters JJ:
1st Place Chips and Janice (they drew each other!)
2nd Dave Collins and Renee Lippman
3rd Michael Stephens and Cindy Dionne
4th Wayne Brodd and Dori Eden
5th Dave Raines and Patti Jobst
6th Bob Budzynski and Vangie Sponsler
7th Bruce Perotta and Debbie Tuttle
8th Mike Glasgow and Susan Downs

Allstar/Champion JJ:
1st Place Brennar and Patty Vo
2nd Robert Royston and Jill Dumarco
3rd Greg and Lemery (yes, they drew each other)
4th Jason Miklic and Torri
5th Jake and Jessica
6th John Lindo and Sophy
7th Stephen White and Gina
8th Christopher Hussey and Nicola

And the Famous Much-Talked-About Historical Tampa Bay Classic 2011 Showcase Results in which No One was Disqualified:

1st Place Robert and Nicoloa Royston
2nd Greg and Lemery
3rd Stephen and Sabrina
4th JB and Sarah
5th Ben and Rebecca
6th Luis and Jennifer
7th Rob and Connie
8th Dave and Crystal
9th Sheven and Agniezska


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