Tampa 2011 Update #5

And then …

Young Adult! Four couples. Astounding!

1. Jackson Willis and Jasmine Willis (Jack’s 13, Jazz is 10) to “Babysittin’ Blues” written by Jessica Willis (she’s 19.) So sweet your teeth hurt, so fast your knees quake, so theatrical your brain explodes! The lines! The drama! The leaps and lifts! And they’re such beautiful kids! With her long blonde hair and big blue eyes Jazz would make her daddy worry if he didn’t already have six other beautiful daughters to worry about.

2. Chase Forrester and Garrett Spencer to Bonnie Raitt’s “I Do Believe I’m in Love With You.” I loved this. It was like a Shaggy-Showcase-West-Coast, so fast, funny, FUN! Bright red sequins, his bright red shoes and tie. He’s tall and handsome, she’s a young Marilyn Monroe.

3. Rome and Chevy, “How Far We’ve Come,” their wonderful routine we’ve been watching all year, loving it every time – their speed, power and control is amazing. They’re pros. Gracious, calm, wise young pros.

4. Jeremiah Willis (he’s 18) and Jennifer Willis (she’s 16) to another wonderful song written by big sister Jessica Willis. I had to put down my camera for this one, didn’t even see Jeremiah I was so fascinated by his sister. She is quick as a flash. Her spins are finished before you realize they’ve started. She’s so clean it’s scary. Every movement has a beginning and an end. She’s so pretty, too! And keeps smiling at you, looking relaxed and happy while she zooms under around and over her brother at mach speed.

By the way … the Willis’ have a webpage. Like everything else they do, their site is elegant, clean, clear, smart, user-friendly, artistic, gracious.

What is WITH these people? This is getting annoying.

Click here to see pictures, hear their music, and be hugely impressed:    http://www.thewillisclan.com/Home.html

And the placements for Young Adult:

1st Place Rome and Chevy
2nd Jeremiah and Jennifer
3rd Jackson and Jasmine
4th Garrett and Chase


Seven couples, none of whom were disqualified! Some should have have been, according to several hundred thousand of the 3,830,047 posts on Facebook today. (Several hundred other thousand disagreed.) (Several hundred even-other thousand weren’t even there but it’s like they were cause they’ve been texting like crazy for three days.)

1. Terry Roseborough and Gina Amato-Brown to “Musicology,” and I have to say it is SO cool to see Gina on the floor again! I remember Gina from [ribbigrolbleb^7cough*5lupa] years ago, the early days of the first Country Junction here in DC. She was the It Girl then and for me will always be. And her daughters! Oh my goodness! If you haven’t met danced with or watched her daughters dance then you are in for a treat! Anyway, cool routine by Terry and Gina, in black and spangly green.

2. Kris and Rebecca’s marvelous “Into The Night” – flying! flying! across the floor, shapes and lines and speed and passion – I love this routine and I love these people. Best I’ve seen them do it.

3. Matt and Crystal, “Run Around” (love this song, personal favorite.) Love the Auclairs. Love their dancing. Love her smile, his hilarity, their egg-beater, his longevity, his goofiness, their kindness, their love for each other. Someday maybe he’ll learn to dance fast, though. For 20 years he’s been dancing like a snail.

4. Mike and Sheli, “Heartless,” with her wonderful flat-back pirouettes, spins, leans. So balanced!

5. Brennar and Torri. Simply. Un. Bee. Lee. Va. Bull. Can’t see this without shaking my head in amazement. Every time, a whole year’s worth, and I am just as amazed as the first time. When I see it live like this I’m in a daze for two and half minutes, then it ends and I look around me and everyone looks like a rock hit them in the forehead, stunned, speechless. This routine will *never* get old.

6. The Markers! Another two of the nicest people on earth, much beloved in the wcs community and especially in their home wcs community (Saginaw, Michigan) which they’ve built and taken care of so well. A few people mentioned to me this weekend that this was their favorite classic routine, the true-ness of the emotion rang a bell for people. The Markers always have this effect. They dance from the heart, and the welcome the audience in. And she is so beautiful. He’s okay too.

7. And last of all, speaking of adorable loving couples who manage to dance together and *still* love each other (unlike us, who either love each other or dance together, never both at the same time,) Jason and Sophy to “Summer Breeze,” in flowy flowered Hawaiin shirt and mumu. We saw this routine at Swing Fling and now it’s even cuter. Sophy has long curly hair!

And the Placements:

1st Place Brennar and Torri
2nd Kris and Rebecca
3rd The Auclairs
4th The Markers
5th Jason and Sophy
6th Mike and Sheli
7th Terry and Gina

More in a moment!


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