US Open 2011 Update #2

Did I mention that Yvonne Antonacci is competing here at the Open? She did the Golden Ticket last night with David Guido (“Baby G”) and took third place! And Yvonne Wayne is judging this weekend!  Awesome how the two Yvonnes have totally switched identities!

Or it could be I switched their names. Nah. I don’t usually make mistakes like that.

Well I did make a mistake when I said Jessica Greer when I meant to say that Jessica Rosenbloom danced with Kris Swearingen last night, taking 5th place. But that is a very unusual typo. I don’t usually make mistakes. I report everything exactly, exactly perfectly. You can rely on me.


Let me start with Showcase which just happened, and which, of course, was the big deal tonight (more about Teams, Strictlys, and JJ’s in a minute – the whole day has been a display of amazing amazing dancing.)

Okay, so all KINDS of crazy gossip, rumours, and guesses flying around about Showcase and Classic, and tonight finally was Showcase and OH. MY. GAWD! The routines this year!

You must go check these out for yourself to see how incredible they are! Won’t be anything like what it is live, here, but still I recommend going to see for yourself:

So here is what we just saw tonight, in the order that we saw it:

1. First out on the floor, Greg and Lemery, “Teenage Dream,” their lovely, much beloved, audience-pleasing love poem of a routine which they’ve performed *flawlessly* several times and almost flawlessly dozens of times all year. Nailed it tonight.

2. Ronnie and Laureen: “Without You,” Beautiful new routine! They are so GOOD!

3. Eddie and Elise Valdez, “The Light,” Rumba-esque, so different from their last funky hip hop piece. Skirt and heels!

4. Stephen and Sabrina, “The Other Side.” Same beautiful routine we’ve seen for a few months – they, too nailed it.

5. Myles and Tessa, “Rolling In The Deep” (a great, quiet, tense acapella remix) You have got to see this! Standing ovation! A screaming, cheering, awesomified standing ovation! Sudden surprise lifts, stunning feats of balance and strength, gorgeous choreography, all in white again (they are so pretty in white – they were in white for “Am I Wrong” several years ago) and this time Tessa had these cool chains hanging vertically, attached only at the collar-bone and hip, which, when she spun, ballooned out forming an optical illusion of what appeared to be a translucent bubble encasing her – I think there are two separate times she spins forty zillion times around and you see this shimmering silver shield appear – it is SO cool. The entire routine is wow factor … and clean! Perfectly clean. They nailed every stunning lift! Gorgeous perfect.

Okay, you know what I’m too tired to write more. That is only five of the thirteen Showcase routines! But it’s almost 6am and the day starts again in a couple hours so I’ll finish this later. This is one amazing weekend so far! And it’s only barely started.

Oh, and we had Jack and Jill’s and Strictlys too! Man oh man.

Okay, more later, lots lots more! G’nite! Or g’morning! Whatever! Who cares! I am in heaven. I cannot stop smiling! I am in west coast swing heaven!


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