Philly 2012 Update #1

Let Freedom Swing! hahahaha Yaaaaaay first year, brand new event, wsdc points!, short two-hour drive from DC, YAY!

We have a BEAUTIFUL day today, a total surprise because the forecast was for torrential downpours of freezing rain.I was worried about flight delays, dangerous driving, drenched stressed-out dancers arriving late …. but none of that! It is beeeeee yuuu teeee ful!

We’re at the Philadelphia airport’s Ramada Inn, an old hotel with construction blocking the front door and a small lobby. I arrived late last night (trying to avoid the monsoon during Friday rush-hour) walked up to the front desk and thought uh oh. Not good. But! Another delightful surprise! The rooms are old but great in a utilitarian kind of way. Balcony on every room (fresh air! I hate breathing Legionnaire’s Disease all weekend) and individual heating units which actually heat! Or cool! You don’t need the whole hotel system changed to adjust your own room temperature. Big and roomy – I’ve got a couch, coffee table, eating table with two chairs, *and* a work desk with adjustable ergonomic chair.  And a big open area. And two sinks with lots of counter space. Super long bed (my feet hang off the end of most hotel beds) and – gasp – fitted sheets! Free wifi! (most hotels charge $13/day.) And the nicest staff – especially Oreta at the front desk. I’ve checked out the ballrooms and practice rooms (they’re still laying floors and setting up tables) and they look good, bright and cheerful.

Grant is here, shoes all set up, the wall outside the ballroom is lined with shoes.

People arriving in droves now … Registration desk just opened. Robert Cordoba is here, John Lindo, Bridget and Arjay, Deborah Szekely, Jennifer Lyons … I’m assuming that because this is brand new we’ll get Philly, DC, New York, and maybe Boston. We shall see! Very exciting.
I’m by myself this weekend cause Genieboy’s in Tokyo. Dancing! Supposed to be there for work but he found the west coast community.  There is west coast in Tokyo almost every night of the week! Tomorrow night there’s a west coast “marathon” – wonder what that means.

Here is Genieboy with some new friends:

Tonight is Strictlys, tomorrow Jack and Jills.

Here’s the site:


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