Capital 2012 Update #10

More WONDERFUL news!  Mark Scheuffele – Mark The Marine – asked for Sharlot Bott’s hand in marriage. And Sharlot said YES! YAAAAAAAAAY HOW WONDERFUL! A summer wedding is planned.

Steve announced this Saturday night, and what a great, happy way to start off the evening!

And on Sunday Steve announced the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Arjay and Bridget Centeno! YAY, YAY DOUBLE TRIPLE QUADRUPLE YAY! On behalf of the west coast community from all around the globe, from all of us to you, we wish you two all the love and happiness in the world and beautiful life together!

Speaking of Steve, what gorgeous emceeing all weekend long. His voice is plush, sumptuous, like buttah, like a cello. But more important than the luscious sound is what he says and how he says it. Steve is SO respectful, of every single person, so gentle with people, and loving. He seems to know everyone and speaks to each individually like a family member – I found myself wondering if he was, maybe, a relative of half the ballroom. He’s kind on the mic, really takes care of people, building them up and promoting them in the kindest and most respectful way. Really beautiful emceeing.

And he’s funny! During a rotation in the Allstar JJ: “Does anyone in the ballroom have an inhaler? We need an inhaler up here – okay, we got one. Now, in fairness to everyone, does anybody else want a hit of this? You’all are sticklers for fairness so would anyone like some fluticasone and salmeterol? Judges, too – we’re fair to judges. Any of you judges want a hit?” Not sure if this was Steve’s gentlemanly commentary on goings-on in the community or not, but he had everyone in stitches. And the way he described the choices of music for Champions’ Strictly finals: “You have two choices. One is soul/r&b/blues/motown/funk/classic … you know, music you can *dance* to, that you *feel,* music that, you  know, swings, music like that. Or ….” (long loooooong pause) (and in a voice so quiet you had to strain to hear) “Or …


“So to repeat. Your choices are Soul, Blues, Classic, R&B, Motown, Funk … you know, really good songs you can dance to …

or …


He must repeated that over and over eight times, each time barely whispering the word “contemporary” and sounding so disappointed at the idea.

Very very hilarious.

I’m just getting to know Steve because he doesn’t travel much so we don’t see him outside of California. He’s so elegant! He dresses beautifully! He dresses respectfully, the way he speaks. Gorgeous brocade jacket one night, beautiful jacket and powder-blue tie another night. Beautiful man.

Champion Strictlys were great to watch, by the way. Of course. How could they not be with that line-up? Some even chose [contemporary] as their music choice:

1. Michael Kielbasa and Katie – “25 Miles From Home” (Edwin Starr)
2. John Lindo and Torri – “Moves Like Jagger” (Maroon 5)  (Torri did 17 spins! I was counting. Diva Walk with Torri in front followed by a Jagger Walk with Lindo in front … hilarious)
3. Benji and Brandi – they chose the first category but I was so entranced by their dancing I forgot to scratch down what song …
4. Parker and Jessica – “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” (Temptations)
5. Jordan and Melissa Rutz – “Give Me Everything” (Pitbull)
6. Ben Morris and Sarah – “Shotgun” (Jr. Walker)
7. The Waynes – “Me You and The Music” (Lemar)
8. Kyle and Tatiana – “She Make Me Wanna” (JLS) – Ben Morris said, about this song, “Wow that song is so contemporary it was written tomorrow.”
9. Nick King and Yenni – “Respect” (Aretha) – wow this was such a great dance. So so funny. Nick was ON – Yenni was ON – both of them making such funny over-the-top faces, extreme funk, hitting things I didn’t know were there even though I’ve been listening to this song for 45 years. He kept surprising her by dropping her, sweeping her, popping up in front of her – and she just followed whatever was thrown at her, laughing and mugging the whole way through. Hilarious! Standing ovation of course.
10. Robert Royston and Jill Dumarco – “Keep on Dancing”

By the way – totally off the subject – I keep meaning to mention, and Steve announced at Capital, that this year Phoenix is moving BACK TO THE CAMELBACK!! The greatest hotel! And very nostalgic. Lot of history and memories at this hotel.

I also keep forgetting to mention: my friend Brad Whelan has decided to go “pro” as a photographer, taking Kermit’s place, and is doing an absolutely unbelievably STUNNING job of capturing moments of beauty, hilarity, playfulness, pensiveness, passion – all this and more with his rich artistic pictures of events on our circuit. You can become his Facebook friends (and get a taste of some of what he’s doing) here:

And see the full gallery of comp pictures here:

And you’ll find him at the back of ballrooms on the circuit, more and more …

In addition to being an amazing photographer he’s a great dancer and a generous, funny, thoughtful, helluva nice guy. We are SO lucky to have him. He’s coming to MadJam so all my DC homies – get your picture taken and prepare yourself to be amazed!

More still to tell about Capital. What a great event!


2 responses to “Capital 2012 Update #10

  1. Thanks so much for your detailed and insightful posts! You really put a lot of time and energy into them. I can’t agree more about Steve as MC – I did my first comp there and his voice was so reassuring! Brad is one of those fortunate folks who found and has followed his highest calling – amazing eye! Thanks again – Scott

  2. I’m a huge fan of Steve’s as well, for all the reasons you listed in this entry.

    And I’m a huge fan of this blog! Thanks for bringing all your joy and enthusiasm in these recaps, for those of us who can’t be there.

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