Capital 2012 Update #6

I’m TIRED! But before I fade away tonight I want to tell you about last night’s routines …

Two Sophisticated, saw them both at the Open, both great:

~ Scott Mason (That would be Mr. Laureen UFO Throw-An-Asian Baldovi Mason) and Dawne Kiehm, “Be Myself Again” (Eric Benet,) an adorable quick snappy piece, Dawne and her cute perfectly tan, perfectly buff hard-body in a bikini top of sparkly royal-blue tassels in front and a couple of transparent straps in back.

~ And Jeffrey Munson and Susan Brown in a speeded-up version of “Be Back Soon” (Justin Nozuka) and this routine moves, feels fast and looks difficult – lot of spins, barrel rolls, pivots, dips … lot of movement. They nailed it!

Four Juniors, all four of which we saw at the Open:

~ Steven Guido and Hanna Clonch, “Can’t Turn You Loose” (Etta James), and wow does this move! Never stops for a moment till that last breath at the end. Back-bends, flips, lifts, dips, up and down, across the floor to every corner … all FUNKY FUNKY. These two are adorable.

~ Brendan and Madison, “Into The Night” (Santana), those loooooong legs of hers, long blonde hair, and Brendan’s so handsome – they’re a beautiful couple.

~ Chris and Nicole, great song: “Disappear” (Gabe Dixon Band), WOW! We got choked up at the Open, choked up again here. This is SO romantic and SO beautiful! What choreography! It’s rich, not a moment empty, even the still moments are full. And the shapes! The routine is like a series of beautiful shapes, each one filled with tension and movement-about-to-happen: angles, round shapes, up high down low, long leans waaaay out there holding on by just a hand; accelerations and decelerations; sudden stops; intentional blank spaces, emotion, commitment … They live this piece. … Another gorgeous routine from these two, just as gorgeous as last year’s in an entirely new and different way.  Beautiful, just beautiful!

~ Cameron and Amanda, “For What It’s Worth” (Tab Benoit) and “Crossroads” … Spins on steroids! This girl can SPIN. Fast! Another routine that travels the entire floor.

You know what, I’m too tired to finish, and there are still TWELVE Classic routines to tell you about! Really really really really good … I loved Classic! Missed Jordan and Tat and Kyle and Sarah – it was already good and the addition of these routines would have put the night off-the-charts crazy ridiculous great, unforgettable. But. Even without those routines Classic was fabulous!

Okay, that’s it for me I’m falling asleep in between words here.

More tomorrow!


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