Capital 2012 Update #2

Had dinner last night beside the long windows overlooking the lake and fountains sparkling in the dark, the geese still honking and arguing in the spray, sparks flying from bonfires on the pier, disco ball throwing colored lights across the steel floor and glass walls of the bar (the bar where Jordan and Parker DJ on Sunday night.)

The restaurant is in a recess just beyond the registration desk so as I ate I watched a steady stream of dancers arriving to get banded and sign up for competitions. Great dining entertainment! So much laughing and hugging!

Heard Annie Hirsch’s unmistakable voice from far behind me and then there was Annie! Flying past with clipboard and briefcase, five people half her age running behind trying to keep up.

My waitress presented me with “Swing Dancers’ Menu” – the menu for both lunches and dinners throughout the weekend (salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes at very reasonable prices.) Ten minutes later the Executive Chef changed his mind deciding he’d provide a breakfast buffet like previous years. Twenty minutes later he changed his mind again deciding to leave the bar kitchen open late – till midnight. Half hour later he and all other kitchen staff left the dining room for their first meeting with their brand new (as of five minutes before I sat down) owners to hear the new business plan. This hotel (and especially the food-and-beverage part – the new owners are all about dining) will be totally reconstructed. Next year will be very different here!

They pipe in “soft jazz” for your dining pleasure. I don’t know what’s happening to me, whether my music tastes are getting better or worse, but I couldn’t help noticing over my delicious Aegean Pasta that elevator music is very danceable.

It is GORGEOUS here today! T-shirts and shorts, sunbathers around the pool! The geese are exhausted from thrashing through the fountain yelling their heads off since dawn and are zonked out all over the shore, getting a tan.

This place would be so romantic for a wedding. Oh! Speaking of weddings! Arjay is getting married this weekend! So is Bridgette! Yay! Just wonderful!

Of course that means we don’t get to see Arjay and Jen’s new routine (It’s great! Saw it two weeks ago in Philly, LOVE it!) but I guess they must have thought getting married was more important than dancing at Capital.

Showcase tonight! Cannot wait to see new routines! Greg and Lemery are here … we got to see a sneak preview last weekend at home … so exciting! No spoilers! I’ll write later tonight …

Workshops have been going on all day so far, Juniors Pizza Party, then tonight: Strictlys, Showcase, Champions Strictly prelims, breakfast buffet, and dancing!


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