MadJam 2012 Update #3


What a WONDERFUL Saturday night this has been! What great routines! What a great Champions’ Jack and Jill!

And what a fun night of dancing tonight! We are forcing ourselves to leave the ballroom now -at – what is it? 6:30 AM? It is light out – aughgh –  Ballroom is still full and great energy. Music all night was terrific. How can you leave when you’re like OH! I love this song! Oh I love this song too!!  Hate to stop dancing but we gotta because GB made finals tomorrow (today, I mean.) But instead of going to sleep I’m sitting here looking at the ballroom on tv and it’s totally packed, still, one great song after another aughghghgh

Lots to tell! More tomorrow! I mean today! In a coupla hours ….

P.S. Brennar did a bad bad thing. Which turned out to be not bad at all. But which was VERY worrisome for a few scary moments. Especially since this is Brennar, of all people, Brennar the ultimate extreme thoughtful gentleman. So funny so so so funny. I think he shocked himself way more than he shocked his partner (Lemery) or any of us in the ballroom or any of the gazillions watching on ustream all around the world. Poor Brennar. I promise to give Brennar a hard time about this for the rest of his life.


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