MadJam 2012 Update #1

It’s the first day of March and here we go! March Madness has arrived!

Beginning with MadJam here at home in DC.  First year here at the new hotel (same hotel where we were last October for “DCSex” (the new name for “VSO” – the Virginia State Open) – but reconfigured for this much much bigger event.) And so far the hotel is wuuunderbarrr!  Super duper wunderbar! Everyone here is SO NICE! A whole line of “greeters” when we arrived just after noon today – five beautiful young women standing in a row with big smiles and “Welcome! Welcome! This way please! Need help with your car? Your bags?” A table with a big urn of hot chocolate and a pitcher of fresh apple cider.  The nicest, friendliest front-desk staff ever – going out of their way to accommodate crazed dancers switching rooms and roommates like musical chairs.  Doormen jumping to open doors for us, running ahead to press elevator buttons!  A team of smiling, joking bellman waiting with baggage carts and kind words. WOW! Someone has trained this staff! I don’t remember anything like this in October but then we arrived late at night so maybe that’s the difference. They say they do conventions all the time so they’re used to taking care of people. But wow! Nicest check-in ever!

And all the rest of the staff, too. I asked for an extra pillow and Poof! Within seconds an older gentleman appeared at the door with a stack of pillows – he handed them to me then bowed down and kissed my hand! Queen Liza! Wow.

We had no heat, called the front desk and within seconds a mechanic appeared at the door (had to replace the motor) – the all-time nicest guy! Cuban! a dancer! Music collector! – very excited a dance event is happening here in his hotel and looking forward to peeking into the ballroom to see what we do. So nice! Wow.

Our room is standard – not fancy but adequate. We didn’t get one of the newer “Respire” hypo-allergenic rooms. Waaaa. I would have liked that, famous germaphobe that I am.

The French are coming the French are coming! Buckets and barrels of them! Found myself in the elevator with five very tall Frenchmen – a French wcs basketball team! – all first time in the States. Maxence is here I know cause I saw his happy hat dancing along on top of a crowd in the lobby. Aussies are here! Brady Stanton and his female entourage! Myles and Tessa are here, Rebecca Ludwick, Grant and his many shoes, Brad Whelan, first time here in DC – what a treat!, Steve and Rachel from London! And lots and lots of us DC locals. Fun!

At 10pm the kick-off dance (in a side room – the big ballroom is still being set up) was already starting to rock – felt like excited energy. It’s now midnight and I’m heading down!

More tomorrow … lots of people will be arriving all day long tomorrow. Pro-ams mid-day, strictlys later in the afternoon and evening …


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