Chicago 2012 Results

We weren’t at Chicago but we watched all weekend.

Some results:

1st Ben and Melissa
2 Kyle and Sarah
3 Kris and Rebecca
4 Sebastien and Blandine
5 Luis and Taletha

1st Myles and Tessa
2 Roystons
3 Greg and Lemery
4 Stephen and Sabrina
5 Ben and Rebecca

Rising Star:
1st Jeff and Susan
2 Kim and Shalay
3 Reggie and Lara
4 Michael and Angie Jones
5 Jerome and Laura Conforti

1st Wayne and Cindy
2 Chips and Janice
3 Bob and Debra
4 Renee and Tommy
5 McCrearys

Champions JJ:
1st Robert Royston and Rebecca
2 Jason Marker and Tessa
3 Ben Morris and Stephanie McHenry
4 Luis and Sarah
5 Ben Hooten and Melissa Rutz

Allstar JJ:
1st Uspenskys
2 Carlos and Melissa Greene
3 Kris and Melissa Moy
4 Josh Sturgeon and Angie Cameron
5 Kyle Patel and Amanda Warren

Adv JJ:
1st Seb and Blandine
2 Hugo and Sabrina
3 Sheven and Joy Davina
4 PJ and Angie Jones
5 Eric Byers and Renee Lippman

Inter JJ:
1st Jerome and Natalie
2 Scott Mehlberg and Melodie (about to be Mrs. Benjamin Folch) Chardonnet
3 Eric Theriault and Bonnie Inveen
4 Ben (about to be Mr. Melodie Chardonnet) Folch and Hope
5 Yu and Shoshi

Open Strictly:
1st Kyle and Rutz
2 Ben Morris and Jill Dumarco
3 Robert Royston and Rebecca
4 Myles and Sarah
5 Luis and Lemery


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