Boston Tea Party 2012 Update #1


In an effort to outshine his 7-year-old champion cheerleader/gymnast daughter Mr. Stephen Drzwhatever humiliated himself tonight in front of an audience of 1,400 by attempting a series of spastic lunges across the floor. His daughter Grace, a rising superstar on the competitive cheerleading circuit, had performed flawless back-flips and cartwheels moments before the incident, receiving a standing ovation. Mr. Drzewzewnevermind was forcibly removed from the ballroom, shouting “Bring it on! I can beat that girl any- WOULD YOU LET GO OF ME I WANNA DO CARTWHEELS!”

In other news, this is the warmest Boston Tea Party ever. 80 degrees! Shorts and bathing suits below us on the Charles River – people out playing in the sun paddling skulls, kayaks, sunbathing on the river bank, lounging around picnic tables.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in this hotel – guest-rooms, lobby and restaurants are filled with light and expansive views of the beautiful river outside, ducks, geese, swans, the sun jumping in the wind and waves – brilliant!

Strictlys were tonight – Open west coast, Lindy, Balboa … and Invitational west-coast and lindy. The finalists from the invitationals will compete in the crossover Saturday night – highlight of the weekend!

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: LOUIE ST. GEORGE PLAYS GREAT IN-BETWEEN MUSIC! All those times when there’s normally no music – contestants walking onto the floor, judges taking their seats, between heats, during rotations – at these times there is no “soundtrack” so no atmosphere. But when Louie is the DJ? There are no dead moments! He whips the crowd into a FRENZY with TV-show theme songs, Broadway show tunes, WWI military songs, movie soundtracks, heavy metal, Who Let The Dogs Out, Wizard of Oz, Classic Rock, children’s music, 40’s torch-song standards, heavy rap …. Louie is a GENIUS! Totally lifts the energy not just at that moment but for the whole event.

And if Louie’s music isn’t enough Mr. I-can-do-cartwheels-Drzwczewiczachooblessyouski leaps up as contestants are walking on the floor, or judges, or for no reason other than the spirit suddenly moves him, bouncing up and down yelling, whistling with two fingers, waving to the audience to do the wave! pound the floor! scream stomp raise a ruckus! and between Steve leaping around and Louie’s in-between music and a room full of rowdy Lindy hoppers with red stripes in their hair this event is a continuous riot of yelling screaming energy.

Rob Glover and Peter Strom are emcee’s for the weekend – funn-nnny! Both of ’em!

Peter Strom did not say “Brad Nuthertucker.”  I said wait did I hear that right that man’s name is really Brad Nuthertucker? Or did Peter just call that man a bad … okay never mind.

Two heats in the west coast Open Strictly – 34 couples total.  UK, French ex-pats, Quebec, Scotland (all one of him – the Scottish wcs community is growing slowly,) Florida, Texas, New Yawk, DC …

Invitational Strictly (with leaders judging themselves):

1. John Lindo and Jessica, “Super Freak.” hahaha omgawd Jess is a baaaaaad girl. Lindo is a baaaad boy. The two together? Hysterical!

2. Arjay and Deborah, “Workin’ Day and Night”

3. Ben Morris and Melissa, “Shake Your Groove Thing”

4. Robert Cordoba and Jen DeLuca, “Get Up Get Down Get Loose”

5. Brennar and Torri, (oops forgot the song!), Torri in a simple white tank top with a lime-green sports bra underneath to match Brennar’s lime-green socks! hahaha that’s how they coordinated their strictly outfits! I love witty clothing!

6. Angel and Debbie, “Give It To Me”

7. Jordan and Tatiana in the cleverest and funniest rendition of “Heart Attack and Vine” you will ever see. Every time the refrain (“heart attack and vine”) was repeated they did some other hilarious brilliantly-executed something:

  • Double-timed head-whips
  • Triple-timed rag dolls
  • Mid-air body-rolls
  • 12 pirouettes, head back, right-foot-held-in-left-hand-at-shoulder-height
  • Drunken wobbles

Final All-Skate to “I’m Sexy And I Know It” in which Jordan twirled Tatiana BY HER SHIRT for an entire phrase, ending up with a huge twisted knot of shirt around his finger, and in which Brennar managed somehow to completely remove his belt …

Lindy Invitational was great – so damn funny! Can’t wait for the crossover! I love seeing the pros so relaxed. This event is like that – no routines so it’s just a party, a fun, high-energy, big happy party.

OMG Jo Hoffberg’s hair! Beautiful shiny blonde with a fire-engine red stripe! All piled high in a tall, super elegant up-do.  Mad Men meets Anime. CRAZY awesome gorgeous aughghghgh!


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