SwingDiego 2012 Update #10

Champion Strictly Final – the last comp on Friday night.  Leaders picked a genre out of the basket.

1. Maxence and Tatiana picked “sweet soul” so their song was “Sittin’ On The Dock of The Bay”
2. Ben and Sarah (genre: “fresh off the charts”) danced to “Me You and The Music” – Ben as a very funny frantic robot
3. Sean and Torri (“formerly known as contemporary”) – “Pump It Up”
4. Jordan and Virginie (genre: “sin city hip hop”) – “What’s My Name”
5. Brennar and Alyssa (genre: “balls-to-the-wall blues”) – “Drinkin’ Wine Spody Ody”
6. Kyle and Jessica (genre: “slap yo mamma blues”) – “The Sky Is Crying” (so sexy every person in the ballroom had a cigarette afterwards)
7. Deborah and Scott (genre: “old skool with a k”) – “Shake Your Groove Thing”
8. Kielbasa and Rutz (genre: “rock it out”) – “Another One Bites The Dust”
9. Robert Royston and Brandi (genre: “slow groovin”) – “I’m Calling You” absolutely gorgeous dancing, mesmerizing, perfect
10. Brent and Kellese (genre: “moon walking”) – “Pretty Young Thing”
11. Sharlot and Michael Norris (genre: “country”) to “Honky Tonk Women” (The Rolling Stones a country band! Who knew!)  Michael led a whip-tunnel and cowboy side-kicks complete with whoops and hollers.  Spurs and boots were the only things missing from this dance.  Felt almost like a waste of two formidable talents but funny and fun to watch nonetheless.
12. Pete and Courtney (genre: “classic swing”) – “Fly Me To The Moon”

And the final All-Skate to Pitbull’s “Back In Time” (genre: “Children’s Rhyming Songs.”) No just kidding.

I learned a lot during this division! I had no idea “hip-hop” means R&B, “blues” means beach music, and “classic swing” means Frank Sinatra.  Cute idea though, and a great show. These people could do west-coast to a Johann Strauss Viennese waltz in “genre: rap music” and they’d be fantastic.

And the placements were:
1 Kyle Redd & Jessica Cox
2 Michael Kielbasa & Melissa Rutz
3 Ben Morris & Sarah Vann Drake
4 Maxence Martin & Tatiana Mollmann
5 Jordan Frisbee & Virginie Gronbin
6 Brennar Goree & Alyssa Glanville
7 Robert Royston & Brandi Tobias
8 Sean Mckeever & Torri Smith
9 Brent Key & Kellese Key
10 Scott Stuart & Deborah Székely
11 Michael Norris & Sharlot Bott
12 Pete Green & Courtney Adair

There were 27 couples earlier in the night in the Champion Strictly prelim – you can imagine what a show that was!

Oh and I forgot to mention: Open Strictly: 83 couples!  Advanced/Allstar JJ Prelim: 69 followers, 62 leaders!

Total weekend registrations: 1,580 (or 1,581 depending on whether you talk to Parker or Earl.)


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