SwingDiego 2012 Update #8

Saturday Night! Classic Finals!

Judges (for Classic as well as Showcase): Cher, Bill Cameron, Kellese, Sharlot, Damon, Brent, Jessica, Phil, Martin, and Mark as Chief Judge.

1. Jordan and Tatiana, “More” No matter how many times we watch them dance we are surprised again each time. Everything we love in other couples Jordan and Tatiana do but seem to do better, or bigger, or smaller, or where it gives contrast. Power, drama, wit, lines, shapes, speed. And it appears effortless. (Description here: http://wp.me/p1qHTC-8g)

2. Kyle and Sarah, “Seven Nation Army” and “We’re In Miami” New routine! First half to a GREAT bluesy version of this song is so smooth, clean,with  enough swing content to please an entire playground “swing-set.” Second song starts and with it the jokes. So hard to do funny in a routine and even harder in west-coast than in other dances (like bouncy Lindy, for instance, which looks comedic even when it’s trying to be serious) but Kyle and Sarah pull it off.  Kyle limps to limping lyrics, stands behind Sarah and turns himself using the sides of her head. They land facing each other on “What’s that now?” and stand there in silence, looking at us, making us wait for the punchline … on “I’m going in” Kyle reaches through her legs, grabs her hand and spins her around. Perfect timing, told like a good joke.  They’re so smooth they make this very fast song look slow. Great routine.

3. Robert and Deborah, “Man In The Mirror”

4. Jake and Kara, “Do I Move You”  (http://wp.me/p1qHTC-8d)

4. Ben and Cameo, “Fort Knox”

5. Maxence and Virginie, “This is How It Goes” Sexy sexy sexaaay.  Feels very French:  Complex, rich, dense choreography; austere and elegant; so understated an American might call it chilly – the opposite of broad Disney spectacle. Like they dance in black-and-white instead of color. Love how they load every movement by moving the opposite way first. Love their quick feet. Love their beauty.

6. Sean and Courtney, “Feelin’ So”

7. Kris and Rebecca, “Gold”

8. Brennar and Torri, “Sadly Beautiful” (description from Capital earlier this year: http://wp.me/p1qHTC-8g)

9. Melina and Scott, “Nothing’s Real But Love” yes, I wasn’t hallucinating, different routine than at the Open. Same marvelous coral and turquoise costumes (the two trending colors this spring – how did she know that in November?) but different song, different choreography entirely. These two look so happy together it’s just fun watching them. Love Melina’s force – how she punches a movement, finishes completely.  Scott lifts her off the floor by a foot and a shoulder – that’s cool.

10. Ben and Melissa, “You and I” (http://wp.me/p1qHTC-8g)

11. Ronnie and Brandi, “It’s Not Impossible” (http://wp.me/p1qHTC-8g)

… and the placements:

1 Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann
2 Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
3 Brennar Goree & Torri Smith
4 Ben Morris & Melissa Rutz
5 Ronnie DeBenedetta & Brandi Tobias
6 Sean Mckeever & Courtney Adair
7 Robert Royston & Deborah Szekely
8 Scott Stuart & Melina Ramirez-Stuart
9 Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin
10 Jake Haning & Kara Frenzel
11 Ben McHenry & Cameo Cross
12 Kristopher Swearingen & Rebecca Ludwick


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