SwingDiego 2012 Update #7

Saturday Night! Showcase!

1. Myles and Tessa, “Rolling In The Deep” (I wrote about this routine at the Open: http://wp.me/p1qHTC-75). Entire ballroom jumped to their feet in a Standing Ovation.
2. Eddie and Elyse, “The Light”
3. Rebecca and Ben Hooten, “Little Bad Girl” (Description here: http://wp.me/p1qHTC-7c)
4. Cody and Tracy, “Dirty Bit”
5. The Roystons, “Edge of Glory”
6. The Toepels, “Animal”
7. Ronnie and Laureen, “Without You” so gorgeously clean, smooth, dramatic – they make sailing through the air look easier than standing still. Standing Ovation.
8. Scott Mehlberg and Marina Motronenko, “Higher”
9. Benji and Torri, HUGE HUMONGOUS Standing Ovation which just wouldn’t end. What a routine! With a new surprise! ( http://wp.me/p1qHTC-7c)
10. Luis and Jen, “Miracle”
11. Stephen and Sabrina “Somewhere With You” – great new routine, Sabrina in a white fur top! white chiffon half-skirt over white pants, blood-red lips. The two of them with their brilliant platinum hair – they’re a striking couple.
12. Greg and Lemery, “No Diggity” (http://wp.me/p1qHTC-7W)

… and the placements:
1 Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith
2 Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham
3 Ronnie DeBenedetta & Laureen Baldovi-Mason
4 Gregory Scott & Lemery Rollins
5 Ben Hooten & Rebecca Ludwick
6 Robert Royston & Nicola Royston
7 Stephen White & Sabrina Paxmann
8 Eddie Valdez & Elise Valdez
9 Cody Melin & Tracey Melin
10 Luis Crespo & Jennifer Pasetes
11 Patrick Toepel & Lisa Toepel
12 Scott Mehlberg & Marina Motronenko


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