SwingDiego 2012 Update #4

Classic Qualifier!

Damon, Lisa, Brent, Kellese, Cher, Michael Kielbasa, Chief Judge MarkTheMarine, and Bill Cameron as “Referee” (looking for violations, lifts, drops … )

1. Ben and Cameo
2. Clint and MacKenzie
3. Gerald and Robin (Calgary)
4. Sean and Courtney
5. Eddie and Helen
6. Reginald and Lara
7. Jake and Kara
8. Robert Royston and Deborah Szekely

… and the new routines (for us, anyway):
9. Abi Leggett and Stefan Schneider (US & Quebec) – “Glow” by Jack Zerby
10. Edson and Cyntia (Brasil) – “Smooth Criminial” by Michael Jackson
11. Kirill and Irina (Moscow) – “Till The Ocean Takes Us All” by The Car Empire
12. Kris and Rebecca – “Gold” by Kaile Goh
13. Maxence and Virginie (France) – “This Is How It Goes” by Missy Higgins
14. Dave Ward and Maria Ford (Canada) – “I’m Tore Down” by Clapton
15. Scott and Melina (Australia) – “Nothing’s Real But Love” by Rebecca Ferguson (may be the same routine they danced at the Open but if so it sure looked different to me)
16. Peter Fradley and Michelle Fletcher (London) – “Me Without You” by Loick Essien

Nine of these couples will not go on to Finals tonight.

So we’re glad we got up at the crack of dawn to watch or we would have missed all the great new stuff.

Not happy about the crack-of-dawn thing, however.  I wolfed down the breakfast buffet and had to charge back up to the room leaving behind Genieboy hoisting Annie Hirsch by her right butt cheek – he insists he had to do this in order to make sure she didn’t fall but everyone watching nearly choked on their breakfast laughing at this – hoisting her teeny little self high up into the air to perch her on the seat of a unicycle which happened to be passing by on the terrace. Driven by a young guy with half of his hair magenta.

But we now have only an hour before Jack and Jills which begin with Champions so rushing rushing …

GORGEOUS weather today, like yesterday and the day before and the day before that.


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