SwingDiego 2012 Update #2

Great night so far: Masters JJ prelims and finals, Open strictly, and Champion/Allstar strictly. Before I run back down to the ballroom to dance until breakfast here are awards so far (minus pro-am strictlys which I didn’t catch, and Masters JJ which will be announced tomorrow):

Open Strictly (Advanced and below):
1st Place Kris Swearingen and Emmeline
2nd Kevin Kane and Shantal
3rd Cliff and Kara
4th Jesse Vos and Maddy
5th Reggie and Marina

Champion/Allstar Strictly:
1st Place Kyle and Jessica
2nd Kielbasa and Rutz
3rd Ben and Sarah
4th Maxence and Tatiana
5th Jordan and Virginie

Final comment: The Denver contingent is here and wow, Denver does a bad-ass Wobble.

Final-final comment: Bra mishap during Open Strictly resulting in bra sliding upwards off the intended body part. Horizontal double-boob becoming two happy free boobs with a bra riding above, right in front of our eyes. Very funny – thank you from those of us watching. You know who you are. I’ve heard so many funny bra stories through the years – one day we’ll have to tell some here.

First on the agenda for tomorrow morning: Qualifier for Classic at 11am. This is new this year, very cool. More on this tomorrow.

Now, down to dance!


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