SwingDiego 2012 Update #1

What a lovely day! Blue skies, palm trees waving in the breeze, brilliant sun – San Diego!

9am this morning bodies already stretched out beside the pools, canon-balls into the hot-tub, outdoor terrace breakfast buffet filled with east-coast U.S.’ers still on home-time.

Thursday night dance AUGHGH! Not just Facebook-awesome – actual real awesome! The huge ballroom PACKED last night, all night till daybreak.  Everyone says no contest – this was THE best Thursday Night ever – maybe the best late-nite dance in the history of human civilization.  Craaaazy wonderful energy.

Everyone came in early this year – Wednesday, Tuesday even! – so the place is shaking with excitement and we haven’t even started yet. Spotted so far: crazy Aussies, bouncing Brazilians, proper French, pale English, US’ers from every state including some we’ve never heard of.

This is our favorite comp.

Someone called me last week – an event director – and I said yeah swingdiego best by a long shot why she asked what’s different?

And I launched into a no-punctuation rhapsody before realizing oops brain to mouth Houston we have a problem you’re talking to an event director! Hello! Did you ever think maybe you’re insulting the daylights out of her? Yeah but on second thought maybe she finds it useful? So maybe keep running your mouth? Oh nevmind your mouth has been running all this time anyway.

And this is what I heard myself saying which I agree with:

“The floors are great, the deejays are great, the judging panel is great carefully picked judging taken seriously here, weather is gorgeous, lying by the pool is great, schedule is great, every top pro and am dancer in the world is here, pro staff carefully picked and cared for, special needs of Allstars cared for, newbies welcomed and cared for, feels like quality, like a class act. Every detail. Everybody’s walking around dazed and happy.”

At the present moment we are dazed and happy either watching Pro-Ams or sunbathing by the pool.  Tonite: the mega-uber Open Strictly and then the Champion Strictly! These are quite something. EVERYONE in the world out there on the floor. It’s a photographer videographer poet and artist’s dream scene.  Surreal.

You can watch all weekend for free – ustream live-feed at:


Or pay $10 for four-hour segments on the ustream pay-per-view channel, here:


Both have chat features where you can talk with everyone else watching from around the world and let Bruce (that’s Bruce Gleason of thumbsup video, here filming the event) know when there are problems with the feed.


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