Liberty 2012 Update #6

Sunday’s Awards

Novice Strictly
1st ($300) Brent and Emily
2nd ($250) Xi and Maryann
3rd ($200) Gary and Maria
4th ($150) Chris and Gabrielle
5th ($100) Derek and Katherine

Intermediate Strictly
1st ($300) T.J. and Marine
2nd ($250) XiLiHiui and LiLiWiBiWi
3rd ($200) Brandon and Danielle
4th ($150) Butch and Maria
5th ($100) Pierre and Jo

Advanced/Allstar Strictly
1st ($300) Cameron and Nicole
2nd ($250) Chris Lo and Estelle
3rd ($200) Anthony and Angie Jones
4th ($150) Chris Dumont and Hannah
5th ($100) Jerome and Sophy

Champion Jack and Jill
1st ($700) Robert and Jessica (oh my gawd, more on this later, so so SO great!)
2nd ($300) Benji and Tatiana
3rd ($200) Kyle and Henriette


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