Liberty 2012 Update #4

Louis’ music! SO GOOD!

Louis’ songs for Friday night’s Pro Strictly:

“Wall to Wall” (Introductory All-Skate)

For Chuck and Sabrina:
“Whataya Want From Me”  and “Sweat” (Snoop Dogg version)

For Royston and Rutz:
She Will Be Loved and Hit The Lights

For Arjay and Torri:
I Don’t Wanna Know and Scream

For Jordan and Sarah:
What’s My Name and Dip Out of the Club

For Olivier and Henriette:
Your Love and Dance Again

For Erik and Kim:
Replay and 2012

For Kyle and and Jessica:
Aisha and Okay

For Ben and Tatiana:
I Just Wanna Know and This Is Love

For Stephen and Lemery:
How Do I Breathe and International Love

For Greg and Lara:
Just A Dream and I Like It

Final All-Skate:  Swanee (slow version)

Saturday night social dancing was fun! Ballroom packed when we left in bright daylight at 6am

The worst! To emerge in a bleary-eyed daze from the trance-like ballroom cave, smacked in the face with screaming sunlight, angry birds, an army of mowing-crews advancing with leaf blowers pointed like bazookas,  smells too pungent at this hour: burnt coffee, frying grease – it’s occurring to you that you’re not only sleepy and limping but also hungry enough to eat your dance shoes.

But it’s all worth it. Cause Saturday night was fantastic.

DJ’s Louis – a genius – then Jordan, then Arjay, then Jordan again, then Arjay again, then Anthony DeRosa, then Louis again. Maybe all playing back and forth on top of each other whatevah. So good it was impossible to leave. It’s a drug.  You want more but you develop a tolerance and need higher doses each time for your fix. Each song is almost perfect.  But not quite.  And the next one starts up and you love it and think “This is it! After this I’ll be satisfied!”

This goes on for hours, all night, all the next day, for months, years, decades. Yeah, you’re hooked. You’ve got it bad.

Friday we danced till 3 … ballroom packed when we left.  Friday the energy not quite as high as Saturday night.  Maybe because Liberty, though not NASDE, still has a NASDE-ish personality because of its routine divisions. Couples and teams dancing on Saturday night had to be up at 6:30 am for floor trials so weren’t out Friday night.  And Friday people were still flying in or driving (some DC folks spent SEVEN HOURS! in rush-hour traffic, thunderstorms, and heavy highway roadwork – miserable seven hours instead of what should be three.)

We heard two versions of Friday night:

Version One: “If you’re a name-dropper you probably weren’t happy. But the floor was filled with great dancers and if you couldn’t find anyone to dance with you’re a wicked snob.”  (the word “wicked” is the clue to who made this comment. if you’ve ever lived in a certain part of the country you know that everything is wicked.)

Version Two: “There is nobody here to dance with. No good female dancers at this event. Not one single woman good enough for me to dance with not even one.  Don’t even know why I came. Not going down to the ballroom, not gonna leave my room, no point in being here.”

Our Version: We’re total name droppers and we had a blast Friday night and even more of a blast Saturday night. All the pro staff and routine competitors out on the floor Saturday, lotta them out Friday too. Tons and tons of great dancers from around the country, huge rowdy marvelous Canadian contingent, Europe, Asia, Texas. Floor was the right size for the crowd, music was wicked awesome.

Shoshi Kushnir danced in shorts on Friday. Short shorts.  Bare belly. Hips. Several men rushed to the ER.

Pizza party Friday night – did I already mention that? Nicola asked for a second slice for her husband and when Robert said how nice of you can I have my slice? she said No I’m eating both pieces I just said it was for my husband I lied go get your own. Nicola can be very funny. One time they messed up their routine right at the beginning and she says on the next lift, as she soared through the air smiling at the audience, she was thinking “Gee I wonder if we can get our miles back?” and later, when she was supposed to lean toward the judges with a happy face she decided she was not happy and leaned towards them with her pissed-off face instead.

Thursday night Genieboy said WOW there’s a girl here from Singapore who is AWESOME! I danced with her all night! Amazing dancer!  He talked about her all day Friday, couldn’t wait to dance with her Friday night, raved about her all day Saturday, danced with her over and over Saturday night too. The girl from Singapore! So good!!

Turns out there were twelve girls here from Singapore and he couldn’t tell them apart. He was dancing with twelve different girls.

(That story is for you Yenni and Stacy, aka “The Short One” and “The Tall One.”)

Seriously though, he did dance with Singapore girls – twelve from Singapore at Liberty! Twelve is a lot to travel that long distance. All crazy good thanks to all the pros who have travelled there to build yet another great community for our dance.

Closed-circuit TV all weekend!  Love this! Awesome to watch the ballroom right in your room. Especially helps if you’re on a tight schedule. Or for parents taking shifts watching the kids in the room. Bruce’s “thumbsupvideo” feed streamed right to the rooms!

Correction!  I have been corrected: Liberty is not in New Yawk, it’s in New Joisey.

Like there’s a difference.

Oh and also it was Auntonya Rogers who won Intermediate JJ.


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