Liberty 2012 Update #1

Wow what a different Thursday night this year! No Prince of Belgium or Obama in the main ballroom so no dancing between pillars down in the lower room.   This year wow! Main ballroom! Arjay and Louie playing awesome music, and what a crowd! Holy mackerel – the floor was packed from 9 till we left (early – even GB – we were tired) at 12:30. Good thing we had the extra space – that crowd would never have fit in the basement.

Heat wave here in New Jersey – yesterday in the 100’s, bright and sunny. Today in the high 90’s but thunderstorms … hoping this won’t mess up airplane arrivals and all the hordes of DC, Charlottesville, Raleigh, and Boston travellers driving in by car.

Can’t wait for tonight’s Opening Ceremonies and the show! Liberty always opens with a very Broadway-esque performance by the pro staff – last year Grease, year before Elvis. This is a fun comp for spectating. Or adding an extra day or two to see New York.

Love the hotel, too. Hyatt, fully rennovated rooms, lots of “Pure” rooms if you want or need one, super friendly, responsive, courteous, well-trained staff, outlets, yummy beds, balcony, and view of … well, okay you don’t come for the scenery.

Love how Monsieur Lindo runs an event – he is SO generous. I won’t go on and on – check out my updates from previous years if you can stand the gushing. We saw him briefly last night looking cheerful and well-rested – said no disasters or snafus so far!


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