SinCity 2012 Update #8

Parker, Saturday night:  “Show of hands: Who was up last night till 3am?” (every hand in the room goes up)

“4am?” (every hand up)

“5? 6? 7?” (couple down)

“8?” (half the hands down)

“9?!? 9am?!? Anyone still dancing at 9am this morning?” (twelve hands waving)

“10:00am?!?” (Libby, a little shy, her hand trying to hide behind her head)

“Anyone not gone to sleep yet? Michael Kiehm! Congratulations! Up all night and still going strong!”

“And now, our emcee for tonight’s proceedings, help me welcome Mr.! Jordaaaaaaaaaaaan! Frisbeeeeeeeee!” and Jordan comes running onto the floor, in a stunning Korean black silk suit jacket with nehru collar and double-layered angled lapels (“Wow gorgeous” I asked him later, “who is it?” “Kucci. Like Gucci, Korean version. You know, “gucci” which sounds like …”

Yes, got it, thanks Jordan.

Then here comes Earl comes weaving through the aisles, gangster hat and shades, carrying a big tray of fancy pink shots  “And tonight Jordan will be joining each of our Royal Flush couples in taking a shot before the dance! Our specialty drink: the “Liquid Panty Dropper!” (

Jordan, on fire on the mic Saturday night:

“How SICK is this hotel?!? Best venue in swing!

“Hey Deborah, did I hear something about a lap dance? What’s that – you don’t know what I’m talking about? I’m just sayin’ – I might have heard something. Just opening a door here in case you felt like discussing anything ….

“Hey what about that stripper class! I happen to know personally that Jessica is very good at this skill.”

Royal Flush Round II!

Rat-Pack Standards;  Shot of Panty Dropper; Black Tie, Dresses and Heels

Kyle and Melissa, “Somewhere Beyond The Sea” (absolutely stunning smooth dancing)

Myles and Lisa, “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”

Michael Norris and Tessa, “Fever”

Arjay and Jessica, “Under My Skin”

Olivier and Melissa, “Making Whoopee”

Ben and Sarah, “World On A String”

Benji and Kellese, “She’s A Woman”

Jordan and Tatiana, “Luck Be A Lady”   (156 bpm! In dress heels?!? Tatiana said her shins were on fire!)

Terry and Henriette, “Fly Me To The Moon”

Deborah Szekely and Damon, “Lady Is A Tramp”

… and the All-Skate to – what else? – Elvis’ “Little Less Conversation”

WHAT A SHOW! So perfect for a Saturday night! So perfect for Vegas! I wonder what the pros think about having to dance for us three nights in a row. Sure hope they like it because MAN OH MAN it sure is fun to watch! I’d rather see these guys dancing than any show in Vegas – easy choice.

Speaking of pros – this was the comp to be at if you’ve ever wished to see them down in the ballroom for late-nite social dancing. Both nights all those guys above, and Earl and Parker of course, all of ’em in the ballroom dancing all night till the wee hours, with each other and with everyone else.

Will this happen ever again? Who knows – the event will never again be as small and intimate as it was this first year.

But this year? Crazy fun!


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