SinCity 2012 Update #7

There will only ever be one First Year of SinCity.  And we were there!

This event is destined to be hugely influential on our circuit …  in 20 years they’ll be showing videos of the early years of SinCity (“look how young they look!” He had hair!) telling stories about this first weekend. This event will be the leading edge, the experimental comp, shaping the directions and trends of events everywhere else.

And we were there!

Have to say – Jordan is one bad-ass emcee. Of course Jordan’s been on a mic doing workshops for half of his life already so he’s completely relaxed, spontaneous, and most importantly funny. He brings a young hip elegance, an international flavor, dresses beautifully, and is linked-in to the culture, jokes, fashion, styles and tastes of the younger set around the world. His leadership makes for a fresh, exciting, new feel.

The whole event felt new. Newness and innovation were the defining characteristics of the weekend more than anything else.

The four-wall idea, for instance, “theater in the round” style seating ( An experiment which didn’t exactly work this weekend but I’m hoping Parker and Earl don’t give up on it because it could work, possibly, with a few adjustments. This year the room felt a bit disorganized and confusing – an interior designer might say the room didn’t make sense somehow, didn’t flow or create activity centers. A feng-shui person might say the energy was flying out in all directions at once crashing into each other at the ceiling okay a feng-shui person might not use those words but you get what I’m trying to say.

Felt like it was missing a focal point. There was no backdrop unless you consider the shoe vendors the backdrop. DJ booth right beside them. Small 2-person tables all around the edge of the floor, two sets of risers behind. It’s like you walked into the room and had to stand there for a long time trying to figure out what was what, like maybe the room wasn’t finished being set up. It’s human nature to naturally form a stage and an audience, it’s primitive behavior for our species to do this without even being conscious of it. So almost immediately a natural “front” was created in the room –  despite the seating arrangements – and the videographer moved his camera to that side as did anyone else who wanted to view the stage the way we’re hard-wired to view it.

I’ve been to many center-staged “theatre in the round” plays and when they work through the use of careful lighting, a dropped stage, very clear circular seating design, and a different acting style entirely. For a dance event we have different considerations – we have the DJ booth to consider, for instance, no small matter since the DJ booth is what often determines the “hot spots,” traffic channels, shadowy areas, other social characteristics of the room.

In addition we choreograph our routines to one wall  —  which probably affects our social dancing (and JJ’s and SS’s) where we are always at least semi-aware of an audience on one side only.

So it will be a challenge to make this idea work for wcs. But I am hoping Parker and Earl do stick with it for another year. I can envision a circular, dramatically-lit, neon-electric scene, darkness around the periphery, risers all around putting the stage at the bottom center … it could be extremely exciting!

Not enough Allstars for a prelim so instead Saturday night the Allstars performed for us an impromptu “show” – very funny. I’m guessing, from their outfits, that they must have been told five minutes before the show that they were doing the show.

Jordan brought them onto the floor saying “Allstars! Let’s give a big welcome to the Allstars! I like you I just don’t like you THAT MUCH. It’s a job security thing.”

Six couples, two heats.

Louis DJing, so first heat began with a Two-Step! Second with a polka! Hugo Minez in shades, Tara Steineke still in her bathing suit from the pool party, Joshua Sturgeon in white gangster hat, shades, gray silk suit, Bella in the shortest hottest short shorts covered with tassles which spun horizontally when she did. Ben McHenry in jeans (Jordan: “Dude you knew there was a dress-code tonight, right? You knew tonight was black-tie and TOMORROW was jeans, right? So tomorrow, when all the rest of us are in jeans, you have to be in a suit!”), Kara and Katie in sleek tight party dresses and stillettos.

Saturday morning Jessica taught a Ladies-Only “Strip-Tease” class and Saturday night the class performed a Chair-Dance Strip-Tease routine! In heels and a man’s dress shirt! Oh. My. Gawd.

Jessica at the front. And beside her, dancing right along on a chair, well sort of dancing right along, not very well, was EARL!

He’s too tall, first of all.  Second of all, everything else was wrong.

So damn funny!

That’s how Saturday night started off.



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