SinCity 2012 Update #6

Our ballroom is in the grand hall, between  the casino at one end and at the other huge glass doors exiting to a massive rose-colored pillared balcony where you stand at eye-level with the Rockies and blood-red setting sun, below you cascading terraces of pools and winding staircases taking you down to them.  A steady stream of onlookers passed by the ballroom all weekend on their way from the casino to the pool stopping to peer in at the scene going on inside, drawn by the dance music booming into the hall.  Word got around the resort that this cool dance thing was going on.

While we we were at our pool party at the cabanas on Saturday afternoon Parker held a free Project Swing open to the public. He had had us invite anyone we met in the casino, restaurants, bars, spa, walking through the halls. Easy to do since strangers had been stopping us all weekend to ask “what’s going on in there? what are you guys doing? I love to dance where can I do this kind of dancing?” We looked into the ballroom at 4pm — 100 newbies getting a free three-hour West Coast Beginners workshop. So cool!

Food choices are grrrreat. Food is not a problem at this comp!  On the contrary – the problem is overeating.  Actually, overindulging in every pleasure. If you consider overindulging a problem.

But as for food: Here in Vegas you can find many of the top restaurant chefs of the world (our hotel has a free shuttle to the strip.)  And the hotel has its own food court.  And a humongous orgy of a buffet (quarter-mile long of Mexican, Italian, American classic, Chinese, Barbeque, omlettes/fritattas, pizzas, cold pasta, vegetarian and health-food dishes, salads, cakes and pastries, gelato  —  all for $7.99!  —  open and hopping any hour of the day or night.)

Also the “Grand Cafe” with a menu for owners of a Players Card (get one free in the casino) which lets you order steak and eggs, hashbrowns, toast and coffee for $1.99. Hamburger and fries for $1.99. Or a variety of other excellent entrees for $5.99. Wine, mixed drinks (every drink in the universe, of course – this is Vegas) for $4.

Or, if you prefer, Whole Foods is walking distance.

Nothing ever closes, nothing ever slows down. Employees and patrons alike act as if it’s normal to be wide awake and busy at 4am.

Oh!  Speaking of being wide awake you will not *believe* what happened on Saturday night (well, Sunday morning actually) at the …

… oh WAIT oops sorry can’t tell you! Promised not to put this story in writing …

Speaking of 4am, that’s when we left the ballroom Saturday night and there were still 150 people on the floor dancing to every song. Louis’ music! Crazy great!


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