SinCity 2012 Update #5

Results (Not yet wsdc-sanctioned this first year):

Novice Finalists:
Michael Smith
Kevin Wallace
Nicolas Handschuh
Phuong Pham
Stephane Vittorelli
Tristan Cachoz
Nigel Pontee
Jeromy Kovatana
Stryder Crown
Jessica Sandoval
Jessica Green
Renna Carver
Gretchen Efferle
Niki Starks
Kristine Dougherty
Iva Bridges
Christina White
Clarise Okwach
(alts: Bryson Daich, Jeff Fraunhoffer, Krista Kennedy, Stephanie Hill)

Novice Winners:
1st Place Tristan Cachoz and Gretchen Eiferle
2nd Jeromy Kovatiana and Kristine Dougherty
3rd Stephane Vittomeli and Renna Carver

Intermediate Finalists:
Kes Parakininkas
Bret Navarre
David Requelme
James Cook
Christian Spengler
Nick Hughes
Wayne Brodd
Mark Narang
Brendan Jacques
Joanna Tai
Rachel Kumar
Maelle Jacoulet
Vivian Glucksmann-Weiss
Lauren Byrd
Agnes Bautista
Kate Sibley
Shalay Branch
Stacy Kay
(alts Patrick Plagens, Billy Stalzer, Janekim Ancheta, Melody Carr)

Intermediate Winners:
1st Place Bret Navarre and Lauren Byrd
2nd James Cook and Agnes Bautista
3rd Christian Spengler and Shalay Branch

Advanced Winners:
1st Place Kevin Kane and Liza Hillman
2nd Brady Stanton and Anya Crane
3rd Matt Nichols and Shannon Tobin
(with other Advanced finalists: Arnaud Perga, Jeff Smith, Paul Harris, Tammy Duke, Virginie Perga, and Libby Collins)

Allstar Winners:
1st Place Josh Sturgeon and Katie Schneider
2nd Hugo Minez and Kara
3rd Brad Whelan and Tara Trafzer
(with other Allstar finalists: Ben McHenry, Bella Viramontes, Tara Steinke, Rachel Baumgardner, and Stacy Chiang)

Masters Finalists:
Rick Maruyama
Wayne Brodd
Martin Brown
Genieboy Collins
Patrick Plagens
Bill Hennggeler
Alex Vlahos
Joel Demarco
Julie Epplett
Susan Fries
Agnes Bautista
Sharon Martinez
Vivian Glucksmann-Weiss
Patty Jones

Masters Winners:
1st Place Martin Brown and Julie Epplett
2nd Patrick Plagens and Agnes Bautista
3rd Alex Vlahos and Vivian Glucksman-Weiss

Winners Champions Royal Flush

Round I
Ben and Tatiana

Round II
Olivier and Melissa

Round III
Benji and Deborah Szekely

Overall Winners:
1st Place Jessica
2nd Melissa Rutz
3rd Tatiana

1st Place Benji
2nd Olivier
3rd Arjay


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