SinCity 2012 Update #3

Pool party at the Cabanas!

Terraces on terraces. We’re on the top level with a long skinny pool length of a football field and a line of cabanas running alongside, each with couches and pillows, drinks, waitresses and pool boys with trays of shots, drinks, fruit platters, nachos; dancers in bathing suits and picnic clothes splashing, laughing, lounging …

Taking videos that shouldn’t get posted, SinCity backdrop for Brad’s professional shots, great music … what a scene!

Last night’s White Party! Novice and Intermediate JJ’s last night, every competitor in elegant Out-on-the-Town Whites.

Then the first night of the Three-Night Royal Flush Invitational Jack and Jill – ALL IN WHITE!

And stuff that can’t be repeated here.

Jordan’s debut as Emcee!

At 8:00pm all music in the ballroom stops.

We hear:


“To Sin!



“And now!

“Emcee for the first annual SinCity Swing!

“Please welcome …

“Mr. Jordaaaaan Frisbeeeeeee! …. “

And out walks Elvis Presley!

White Vegas bell-bottoms, glitzy white and gold suitjacket, sideburns, pompadour, shades! Jordan! Bad-ass sexaaaay Elvis.  Jordan – whoa – so handsome this weekend. He’s always handsome but this weekend? He is just looking hawt. And Jessica – prettiest Priscilla evah!

Not your ordinary rolling of dice for JJ rotation. Jordan’s Ipad’s got a dice-rolling program.  You gotta “stroke it to spin it.” I will say no more.

No “front” in this room. Dancing is to all four walls.  Another new experiment, changes the whole dynamic in the room.

Love how Parker and Earl are taking risks all over the place with this comp, seeing what works, what doesn’t, trying out cool new ideas.  It’s exciting to be part of this, we are so glad we’re here for this first year.

Gut feeling (but who knows what will happen – we haven’t even made it through 24 hours yet) is that this event is going to be HUGE. You’ll have to get your tickets a year in advance cause they’ll sell out (like Phoenix back in the day.)

Ballroom open 24/7. Deejays Louie The Great, Victor and Kelly.  The casino is open around the clock, restaurants, bars, pools, everything else open all day all night you can’t tell the difference, this is Vegas. So our ballroom is, too.  So great GREAT music – the kind you can’t walk out on. Full floor any time you walk down there.

Gambling, dancing, eating, drinking, partying … if ever there was a place for an addictive-type personality this is it.

Brady and Libby are here from Australia, (that’s Libby Collins who, with Louis Juarez, just won Advanced in Phoenix.) And somehow, Wednesday night or wee hours of Thursday morning, Brady and Libby got separated from each other and someone somewhere wrapped duct tape round Libby’s foot to hold her heel onto her shoe (she remembers telling someone she wasn’t about to walk barefoot) and she found herself in Planet Hollywood, somewhere in Planet Hollywood she’s not sure where, half of half of one percent of battery left on her cell phone, calling Brady to please come find her “and there were other things” she said what other things I asked “no I’m not telling you any other things cause you’ll write about them” she said “just other things.”

Oh my gawd The Royal Flush! Dimmed the lights, red spotlight, black lights so all the white clothes glowed! First couple Arjay and Sharlot dancing to “Come Together” AUGHGHGHGHGH!!!! SHARLOT!!!!! THE WOMAN IS AN AMAZEMENT! And Arjay!!! A dance that was simply magic! In that moody dark room, only their dim shapes, glowing white clothes, glints of red light on the outlines of their bodies WOW!

The whole night was crazy great like that. Like a light show of live wcs dancers.

Brent and Kellese (Parker: “These two are so in love they got married again”) to No Diggity (Parker: “You two are definitely hired back. As long as Kellese wears that dress.” (Kellese’s white dress was short. Real short.)

Jordan and Rutz to Novacane THEY OOZED! Every body part in constant gentle flowy motion, like tendrils of hair floating through water.

Kyle and Deborah Szekely, “Best You Ever Had,” Sarah and Terry Roseborough “Let’s Get It On,” Myles and Henriette, Ben and Tatiana, Benji and Jessica (Crazy ridiculous gorgeous. 30 seconds of this danced down on the floor, dancing while lying on the floor,)

Michael Norris and Tessa (Myles and Tessa are getting married in October! Thursday night a cadre of handsome guys in suit and tie, Myles at the front, swaggered into our club on the strip. His bachelor’s party! Great time and place to have your bachelor’s party, right?),

Olivier and Lisa D’Amico “What’s My Name,” Damon and Henriette to “Lady Luck.”

And then.

The “birthday dance” for Ben Morris and Brad Whelan.

Can’t tell you about that.

Except that it made the night.

I do have pictures though.

I have incriminating evidence.

Oh, and in wee hours of social dancing last night Parker said “This just in! Free passes to Swingtime next weekend if you [bleep content deleted] so one girl removed her [bleep] and then Benji [BLEEP] Omg.

More JJ’s in an hour.

Then a James Bond meets Rat Pack “Sex Sells Baby – Ladies in Dresses and Heels” Saturday night.

Oh man cannot wait to see The Jordan Show tonight.

Oh! The infamous video of Parker walking into the Hudson River, being dragged out by the security guards by his belt. Jordan following along with his camera laughing his head off, Festa, Louie, a large crowd of us losing it in the background.  Got to be one of the funniest videos ever.

That’s how the event opened last night.


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