Summer Hummer 2012 Update #12

Corrections! Corrections!

I had commented about Competitors’ Meetings at Summer Hummer.  Bill and Yuna tell me that Summer Hummer was, in fact, the very *first* event to do away with these for most divisions because they understand what it’s like to have to be at a meeting early in the morning when you’ve been up dancing the night before. They do make the Saturday morning Newcomer meeting mandatory, however, and this is intentional, because they want to take special care of Newcomers. The meeting serves to describe what competing will be like, where to go, what to expect –  it’s a pep-rally, really, as Yuna describes it, to help the brand new people feel welcomed and pumped.

They take special care of Newcomer and Novice in an additional way, too, doing something unique for these divisions which I had neglected to mention and which I am glad I now have an excuse to tell you about: All Newcomer and Novice JJ competitors who *don’t* make finals – which of course is almost all Newcomer and Novice JJ competitors – are invited (not required) to attend a feedback seminar on Sunday morning where they pick one pro from a panel of pros present from whom they receive individual critiquing (one point only, time constraints) in addition to later critiquing from all the pros of division dance issues in general. From all accounts this seminar was useful and much appreciated.

DJ correction:

DJ’s (from the team of DJ Greats this weekend) were:

Flashlight Jack n Jill: Victor and Louis
Novice and Intermediate JJ’s: Kelly and Anthony
Advanced and Champions JJ’s: Victor

All that great music listed in the last update was not just Louis (yeah he’s a genius just not *that* much of a genius don’t want him to get a swollen head) but it was Victor, Kelly, and Anthony too, all of whom are *fantastic* as I know I’ve gone on and on about before. Love when any of these guys are up.

Reg lines: Yuna tells me she checked twice and saw no line at all.  Sounds like I must have passed by when the line was at its worst (I was there at 4pm and then again 7pm on Friday – just the time period, Yuna says, when the entire event decides to arrive at the hotel and flood the registration table all at once.)  Outside of this crunch time it sounds like registration went quickly and smoothly.

Any other corrections?

It was a GREAT weekend. We had so much fun and so did everyone we’ve talked to. This is one not to be missed!


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