Summer Hummer 2012 Update #10


Jack and Jills:

Newcomer JJ

1 Robert Connors and Amanda Clark
2 Joshua Albert and Carol Lanzill
3 Robert Palenchar and Catherine Macinnes
4 Keith Horan and Bonny Branch
5 Michael Lynch and Karen Meyers
6 Ben Rossman and Laura Vanderwoude
7 Dave Tahsea and Sandra Mayer
8 Matt Johnson and Flora Wan
9 Douglas Roth and Roseann Brusco
10 Danny Ho and Amanda Ashbey
11 Jordan Blanchard and Genevieve
12 Jonathan Falletta and Vicky St. Pierre

Novice JJ

1 Aleksey Grigoriev and Jennifer Chowaniec
2 David Goldenberg and Jacqueline gutierrez
3 Dominique Morin and Dani Mullin
4 Thomas Falletta and Taryn Crosbie
5 Sean Gao and Christina Perry
6 Colton Orr and Paula Wilson
7 Tony Goff and Cari Chestnut
8 Sebastien Gervais and Jody Nagel
9 Myat Nyunt and alaura Colantonio
10 Michael Pisco and Sandrine Tarea
11 Joseph Foster and Anita Beyer
12 Nathan Johnson and Barbara Jackson

Intermediate JJ

1st Place Jerome Fernandez and Laura Ciabarra
2 Marlon and Samantha Ward
3 Tj Bednash and Kristin Bianco
4 Ludovic Franc and Sara Mouchon
5 Nick De Vore and Nadya Serova
6 Phouvanh Meckhasinh and Nadia Hrzhy
7 Sean Ryan and Vanessa Keroack
8 Nicolas Besnier and Catherine Vourlessis
9 Jerry Wang and Agnieszka Gaczynska
10 Sylvain Pele and Rachel Martin
11 Adam Balasy and Eveleen Sung
12 Yingkit Chow and Heather Conkerton

Advanced JJ

1st Akil and Natalie Gorg
2 Josh and Nicole
3 Jerome Subey and Anyssa
4 Cory Vingi and Emeline
5 Jerome Louis and Whitney Bartlet
6 Keith Stremmel and Anna Kondakova
7 Ewan Dupre and Hannah
8 Mike Glasgow and Kate Lovegrove
9 Steve Wilder and Shoshi
10 Marcus Schwarz and Abby Stone
11 Rajeev and Kim Lashley
12 Stephane Schneider and Daria Mikloukhina

Allstar JJ

1st Ben Hooten and Chevy
2 Kris and Virginie
3 Chris Dumond and Connie
4 Steve Hunt and Blandine
5 Stephen White and Sabrina
6 Rome and Jen Diener
7 Chris Lo and Estelle
8 Cameron Crook and Kelly Hull


1st Johanna Barnes with Greg
2 David Goldenberg with Lemery
3 Will Burbage with Yuna
4 Michele Fischer with Royston
5 Dave Cronin with Yuna
6 Michael Egan with Yuna
7 Joshua Albert with Angelique


Newcomer/Novice/Internediate Strictly

1st Place Justin Zadro and Samantha Ward
2 Tj Bednash and Nadya Serova
3 Jerome Fernandez and Vanessa Keroa
4 Nick De Vore and Gudrun Maria Jonsdottir
5 Ludovic Franc and Sandrine Tarea
6 Barry Carothers and Molly King
7 Jim Chow and Taylor Morton
8 Nicolas Besnier and Laura Vanderwoude
9 Marlon Mills and Dani Mullin
10 Ilya Obshadko and Nadiia Hrzhymovska
11 Adam and Anna Balasy
12 Phouvanh Meckhasinh and Stephanie Courtemano
13 David Goldenberg and Lura Johnson
14 Chris Wieczorek and Heather Conkerton
15 Bryan Purtell and Pam Marshall

Adv/Allstar Strictly

1st Place Rob Glover and Emeline
2 Chris Dumond and Hannah
3 Kris and Virginie
4 Rob Jackson and Chevy
5 Cameron Crook and Nicole
6 Anthony Derosa and Kelly Hull
7 Josh and Estelle
8 Chris Lo and Abi Leggette
9 Stephen White and Connie
10 Joe Mahoney and Abby Stone
11 Steve Hunt and Rachel Martin
12 Steve Hall and Kate Lovegrove
13 Rajeev and Blandine
14 Warren Pino and Jen Diener
15 Jerome Louis and Natalie Gorg



1st Place Chris and Nicole
2 Josh and Anyssa
3 Ian and Emily

Rising Star

1st Rome and Chevy
2 Chris Lo and Estelle
3 Reginald Beason and Lara Deni
4 Donnie and Daria
5 Stephane and Abi
6 Will and Jill


1st Place Greg and Lemer
2 Myles and Tessa
3rd Robert and Nicola
4 Rob and Connie
5 Stephen and Sabrina
6 Ben and Rebecca


1st Jordan and Tatiana
2 Arjay and Jen
3 Maxence and Virginie
4 Sean and Courtney
5 Kris and Rebecca
6 Seb and Blandine


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